Waltzing Matilda Market Tote Cover

Waltzing Matilda Market Tote – $375

Waltzing Matilda got its start making sandals, which we reviewed this summer. Now, Waltzing Matilda is a full-fledged leather outfitter based in Wayne, Pennsylvania – making everything from shoes to bags to laptop cases to wine carriers.

“Everything we make is handcrafted in the USA in small micro-factories and meant to last forever. We make a strong effort to use repurposed and recycled materials found during our travels. We don’t compromise. We are …

Waltzing Matilda Nica Sandals 8

Waltzing Matilda NICA Sandals – $148

Summer is officially here, so it’s time to make sure you’ve got all your supplies together for a relaxing day at the beach. If you’re like me, you’ll pack a nice picnic, obsessively slather on 70+ SPF sunscreen, and grab your favorite shorts and sandals. The sandals part, however, is a little complicated. I’ve been checking out a few sandal options, so stay tuned for a couple of upcoming sandal reviews.

Today I’ll be looking at the Waltzing …

Waltxing Matilda Store Opening

Waltzing Matilda to Open Brick & Mortar Store

Waltzing Matilda USA is a brand that specializes in leather sandals, bags, and accessories. Here at BestLeather, we’ve taken a liking to WM’s rugged, bohemian style. Last year, we reviewed their Tom’s Bag, a unique messenger bag, their BYOB Dual Bottle Carrier – an attractive bag designed to carry two wine bottles, and their Avery MacBook Sleeve, a simple laptop sleeve with a beautiful strap closure. And we’ll be publishing a review …


Waltzing Matilda Avery Sleeve for MacBook Pro Review – $160

Sometimes you don’t need a messenger bag, briefcase, or backpack. Yes, that’s probably an odd sounding statement to read from a guy who spends a great deal of time reviewing and testing bags and backpacks. But, seriously…think about it. There are those occasions that crop up when all you really need is your laptop. But, carrying your laptop “in the raw” or “naked”, without some type of protection is just not a wise decision. This …


Waltzing Matilda BYOB Dual Bottle Carrier Review – $180

Wine consumption in the United States has now topped France. In May of 2014, Wine Spectator announced this news:

“It’s official: The United States drinks more wine than any other nation on earth. Americans consumed 329 million cases in 2013—a 1 percent increase over 2012, and 18 percent, or 51 million cases, over 2005—making the U.S. now the world’s top wine market by volume, according to data from Impact Databank.”

So, it should come as …


Waltzing Matilda Tom’s Bag – $450

Many hear the words “Waltzing Matilda” and immediately think of the song by Tom Waits (although the correct title for his song is Tom Traubert’s Blues). Others know it as Australia’s unofficial national anthem. Yet others know the title from the original poem written by Australian poet Banjo Paterson back in 1895 – he also penned other famous pieces such as The Man from Snowy River. Now the name Waltzing Matilda is becoming …