Guarded Goods Shell Cordovan Vanguard

In my never ending search for the perfect front pocket wallet you’d be hard pressed to find a small store or leather operation I haven’t heard of. The shell cordovan Vanguard from Guarded Goods may have finally put an end to my search with a truly astounding wallet made with top of the line materials and unparalleled construction….


       Our last look at a Trayvax wallet proved wildly popular among our readers and nabbed the staff pick for best wallet of 2015 here at BestLeather. Trayvax is at it again with a new special Black Edition Trayvax Element version of the original, plus the Keyton  Bottle Opener Keychain. If the good ol’ bifold just isn’t honking your horn anymore, read on.


OK, so you need a wallet. You’ve went on Amazon and saw a lot of space age, high tech, RFID blocking, butt massaging wallets. They caught the eye but seemed gimmicky. Next, you went on Pinterest and found no less than 57 lovely candidates for back pocket carry, but that became wearisome really quickly. Finally you hit up BestLeather and are so burnt out you just want something that’s simple, looks good and …

Norman Cahn Leatherworks Cabrio Wallet Review – $99.99

It’s always a pleasure to get a second or third piece of stellar leather from a brand we’ve reviewed in the past. It’s an even greater pleasure when you’re receiving a piece from someone who is widely regarded as a true artisan in the leather craft world. I’m pleased to introduce you to the cleverly designed Cabrio Wallet from Norman Cahn Leatherworks.

About Norman Cahn Leatherworks
Norman Cahn is …

DaLuca Straps Leather Horizontal Snap Wallet – $115

I remember one time awhile back my friends and I were just finishing up at a Chinese American buffet (which I’ll never go back to) and when it came time to divvy up the bill we all pulled out our wallets. If you threw them all on the table and shuffled them around, you’d be hard pressed to tell whose was whose. That might have been the starting point in my fascination with wallets and …

Jaqet Flip Wallet Review – $135

The basic model of the standard bifold wallet has remained relatively unchanged for some time. Its proven design leaves little room for innovation, creating an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. I enjoy bifolds as much as the next guy, but they often come at the cost of being somewhat bulky. If you need a wallet that’s lean, while still capable of carrying all your cash and cards, you might find the …