Smith Cornejo Leather Wine Satchel- $600

Inspired by drinking red wine and riding horseback across Andalucia, this one-of-a-kind design is perfect for gifting a truly special bottle, picnics in the countryside, or slinging over your saddle horn (or bike).

Smith Cornejo is a family business in West Virginia dedicated to functional leather goods of both rugged durability and elegance. Although they design and make some of the …

thrux lawrence thrux pack in paris02

Traveling Through Europe With The Thrux Lawrence Thrux Pack

Taking a trip to Europe has always been a plan my wife and I had. This past month my wife and I finally got the chance to go. Our plan was Paris for three days, from there we would fly from Beauvais to Pisa. From Pisa we would take a train to Cinque Terre and stay in La Spezia. And we would end our adventure in Florence, for another three days.

Because we were going to …

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The Distance – An Article On The Horween Leather Company

A website recently came to my attention that writes an in depth article every month on companies older than 25 years.  Called, the site has just two articles published so far, but the very first was on the Horween Leather Company.

It is an excellent article that explores why Horween has thrived in an ever changing environment by being committed to old fashioned ideals and continuing to provide the highest quality products.  For any lover of leather …

Moore & Giles Dopp Kit03

Moore & Giles Donald Dopp Kit – $155

A dopp kit is a small bag made for carrying a razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, clippers, scissors, deodorant, and other toiletry and grooming essentials.  It can be made from leather, canvas, vinyl, cloth, or other similar material.  The name “dopp” was unfamiliar to me prior to my interest in fine leatherworking. The name derived from Charles Doppelt, who immigrated to the United States from Germany and set up a leatherworking shop in Chicago in the … review cover1

A Review of – Part 1 has partnered with to provide a full review of the Trunk Club experience, service level, and products. As always, we will share the results with you to help you better decide if they are appropriate for yourself.

What is
Imagine receiving a custom tailored box of clothes from a high end retailer each time you want new clothes –that’s You …

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Introduction to Danner Boots – A Quality History

Portland, Oregon is a hub for all that is cool. As Fred Armisen would say, “The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland.” People wear flannel shirts, tights jeans, big glasses, gauges, the lot. It is a timeless casually classy look. Leather is everywhere you look — Leather wallets, leather pants, leather jackets, leather iPhone cases, leather bags, leather, leather, leather, leather, and, finally, more leather. One of the most prominent of all …


How Leather Is Graded And Selected At Danner Boots

Crafting Higher Standards – Leather from Alex Hamlin on Vimeo.

Danner Boots are sending a pair of boots for review at and we are excited to understand their dedication to craftsmanship more. Till then this video has to tide us over and we thought you would enjoy it as well.

Since leather is an organic material it is not consistent in thickness or usability so each hide must …

George's Handmade Boots article11

This Man Wanted A Successor For His Custom Boot Company So He Offered To Teach The Buyer Everything He Knows

This is a fascinating story. George ran a custom boot making company in Harper, Oregon and he wanted to pass his trade on to someone that will do his legacy justice. What is interesting to me about this is that he even needed to make a video (which was quite beautiful) and put the word out that he is willing to train. How lazy and inept does our …

JP Marcellino Shop Visit31

With J.P. Marcellino In Huntington, NY

While visiting New York I stopped by J.P. Marcellino’s retail and manufacturing location in Huntington, NY. Graciously, Joe Marcellino agreed to meet me in the early morning and give a tour of his retail and manufacturing space.

Joe Marcellino, Owner, and the Alfred Wallace.

Huntington, New York is a cool town. The small town feel and quaint architecture feel appropriate …

Norman Porter Shop Tour31

With Totem & Norman Porter In Philadelphia

While on a trip through Philadelphia I had an opportunity to stop in at the excellent men’s store, Totem, in Philadelphia. They are selling a wide range of men’s goods including leather and canvas bags.

The store is very well put together and stocked with quality brands. Phil started Totem Brand Co. because he wanted to offer great heritage brands with a focus on American manufactured goods and outdoor lifestyle. Phil takes pride that their leather goods …

Thrux Lawrence Grand Opening111

Thrux Lawrence – First Store Opening In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Thrux Lawrence is a relatively new men’s dry goods company that focuses on leather and canvas materials. They are local to Coeur d’Alene, my hometown, so I have been able to see their growth over time and enjoy the single-minded focus on quality. Tanden Launder, the founder, is a good friend of mine and invited me to the grand opening of his new location.