Thrux Lawrence Black Leather Builder’s Billfold Review – $120

The movement of earth and construction of buildings and monuments through which we conduct our daily lives is the work of serious men. These same serious men require reliable, solidly built tools and adornments to quarry the stone and cut the timber these structures require.

Joining this lineup of robust equipment is the Thrux Lawrence Black Leather Builder’s Billfold. Rugged, yet stylish and sporting some serious hardware, this wallet will echo the attitude and good looks …


Thrux Lawrence Black Leather Coasters (Square – Set of 4) Review – $25

Thrux Lawrence is one of the first companies BestLeather has had the pleasure of working with, and also the first company to pique my interest in leather. Because my barber is connected to the Thrux Lawrence flagship store, I repeatedly find myself perusing their leather goods, the outstanding collection of antiques, and generally longing to buy one of everything. Thrux Lawrence is a solid company who “builds them like they used to.” Even when …


Thrux Lawrence Brown Leather Coasters (Round – Set of 4) Review – $25

I’ll be honest and say I hadn’t thought much about coffee coasters in quite some time before I got my hands on the Thrux Lawrence Brown Leather Coasters. In this case, what you see is what you get: a set of four dark brown leather coasters with the Thrux Lawrence logo embossed on the edge. No frills – just quality, attractive leather to protect your furniture from the unwanted ablutions of a mint julep in …

Horween & Thrux

Horween Leather Company and Thrux Lawrence All Leather Thrux Pack – $990

In the not too distant past, BestLeather received a hide of the Horween Leather Company’s latigo leather, in a chestnut color.  Thinking of one of the best places we could take the hide to and develop it into something beautiful and functional, we immediately thought of Thrux Lawrence of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  We asked them to craft something fine from the leather so that we can showcase Horween’s latigo leather and something fine they …

thrux lawrence thrux pack in paris02

Traveling Through Europe With The Thrux Lawrence Thrux Pack

Taking a trip to Europe has always been a plan my wife and I had. This past month my wife and I finally got the chance to go. Our plan was Paris for three days, from there we would fly from Beauvais to Pisa. From Pisa we would take a train to Cinque Terre and stay in La Spezia. And we would end our adventure in Florence, for another three days.

Because we were going to …

Thrux Lawrence Dopp Kit Giveaway11

Thrux Lawrence Dopp Kit Giveaway – $150 – Ends July 26th

Do you need something hefty to carry your toothbrush around in? Are you tired of wearing your lightweight dopp kit out with your toothpaste tube? How many dopp kits are you going to tear through until you buy something indestructible and toothbrush proof? (satire)

the question is – will it blend?
Maybe. Those blenders are ridiculous.

Not only will you have this your entire …


The Freight Duffel from Thrux Lawrence Review – $570

Thrux Lawrence is a men’s essential dry goods supplier out of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, with a philosophy of building the highest quality goods from the highest quality materials. Products from Thrux will certainly outlast you and the following generation to come. To read more about Thrux Lawrence and its founder Tanden Launder, please check out my previous article here.  The latest product to come out of the imagination of Tanden Launder, owner, …

Thrux Lawrence2

Thrux Lawrence – “We Make Them Like They Used To”

Tanden Launder is a simple man with unique tastes. He wears unwashed denim (and reviews it on his Insta-blog @thedenimreview), a white v-neck t-shirt, and a pair of leather work boots. His hands are worn and rough with work — man hands. Tanden is one of the hardest working people I have met, and the efforts of his hard work have culminated into what is, really, a dream and an idea from his own head: …

Thrux Lawrence Dispatch header photo1

Thrux Lawrence Dispatch Messenger Bag Review – $450

For the past few weeks we have been reviewing the canvas and leather Dispatch messenger bag from Thrux Lawrence and are thoroughly impressed with its usability and durability. This bag is bringing serious competition to well established companies such as Filson and Duluth Trading. The Dispatch is the Thrux Lawrence model of a messenger bag. Thrux Lawrence large carry goods are all made with heavy 24 oz canvas and Horween leather.

Previously we …

Thrux Lawrence Grand Opening111

Thrux Lawrence – First Store Opening In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Thrux Lawrence is a relatively new men’s dry goods company that focuses on leather and canvas materials. They are local to Coeur d’Alene, my hometown, so I have been able to see their growth over time and enjoy the single-minded focus on quality. Tanden Launder, the founder, is a good friend of mine and invited me to the grand opening of his new location.