The Goods Nota VBene Cover

The Goods Nota Bene – $120

As much as I love technology, there’s just something about writing things down that is so helpful. I’ve tried to take advantage of countless digital calendars, notepads, and productivity apps, but nothing compares to a trusty notebook. The Nota Bene from The Goods is a small, stylish notebook cover that aims to keep you organized the old-fashioned way.

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The Goods LA – The Loop & The Crew Review – $75

My MacBook Pro has been my trusty sidekick for over four years now. It comes with me to school, to work, to the coffee shop, on vacation – pretty much everywhere. I love my MacBook. The cord, not so much. It gets wrapped up in my books and forces me to take everything out of my bag just to untangle everything. It’s a major first-world problem, but it does get annoying to have to wrangle a cord five times a …