WATCH: Parker from Stock & Barrel Explains How to Choose the Best Leather for Your Project

Parker Lichfield, from Stock & Barrel out of Ogden, Utah, has put together a short informative video about choosing the right leather for your leathercraft project. He showcases some of his own products made with different types of leather and explains what thickness and finish is best for different projects. He’s also written a great post on the Stock & Barrel blog, which goes a little more in-depth into the topic. Enjoy!…

Stock & Barrel Accessories Review – $28, $35, & $55

Most often, it’s the little things in life that create the most pleasure. Small items that get used everyday often seem to go unnoticed…they just blend into life. So, it’s refreshing some times to “take stock” of the things you use and see how well they represent you and interact with the ebb and flow of your daily routine.

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This is the second review published for Parker & Whitney Lichfield …

Stock & Barrel No. 32 Minimalist Satchel Review – $345

It seems that almost everything these days is jammed packed with multiple features. If a widget doesn’t perform umpteen different functions, it just isn’t good enough. Personally, I find that tiresome at times. So, it’s really refreshing to find a product that keeps it simple and does a job well. And, if it looks good while doing it…well, that’s icing on the cake.

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