Shinola Journal Cover for iPad Mini Review – $150

Should I write that down or try to type it in on my iPad Mini? Do you ever have those thoughts run through your head in the midst of a meeting or class? I do. It’s a first world quandary. Fortunately, there’s a stylish chunk of leather that will house both paper and electronic tablet for you. Enter the Shinola Journal Cover for iPad Mini.

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Shinola Envelope for iPad Mini Review – $145

Handmade in America always has a nice ring to it. Handmade by a company based in Detroit really gets people’s attention these days. The Great Recession has certainly taken a heavy toll on American based manufacturing and it seems that Detroit has taken one of the hardest hits of all. So, when a company drives a stake in the ground and says we’re going to make our claim in Detroit, it makes news. In 2011, …