Rustic Leather Medium Briefcase Review – $349

When I went looking for a briefcase a few years ago, I had a few criteria. First, it had to be quality leather. When I first started looking I didn’t know very much about leather, but I did know I didn’t want something that would feel flimsy and cheap. Second, it had to be within my price range. That is, my combined Christmas money from that year! Third, it had to fit a 13″ MacBook—since …

Rustic Leather Writer’s Bag Review – $139

The Rustic Leather Replica Mailbag Review this past spring introduced readers to Rustic Leather’s uncompromising dedication to full-grain American goodness. The Writer’s Bag is created with the same principles and is the latest addition to the product line found on their Etsy website.
Out of the box, the first thing that hits you is that fresh leather smell. You can’t really lose this bag because you can just sniff it out. It’ll make whatever room …

Rustic Leather Replica Mailbag Review – $379

I have been using the Rustic Leather Replica US Mail Bag for quite some time now. I reported on my initial impression some time ago—that the bag is beautiful and practical, and could be improved by slightly widening the top flap (which Rustic Leather intends to do). Today, I offer you my full review.

bottom line
The TL;DR version of this review is simply this: this mailbag is classy, …