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OluKai Men’s Moloa Kohana II – $130

If you live in a temperate area summer probably isn’t such a big deal to you. It’s just a notable demarcation on the calendar. However, for those of us who live in areas that are definitely marked by four distinct seasons, summer time is always something that’s anticipated and greeted…warmly. It’s time for shorts, short sleeves, shoes without socks, a visual inspection of how pathetic your tan is, and it’s time to get outside and …


OluKai Mea Ola Leather Sandals Review – $120

OluKai is a California-based footwear company founded by Hawaii Native Bill Worthington, who first began selling island-inspired leather sandals in 2006. It maintains strong ties to the Hawaiian community while focusing on environmentally friendly practices both in Hawaii and California. Each product is given a Polynesian name with Mea Ola meaning “creature.”
The Mea Ola is constructed using the “Wet Sand Principle.” Like a foot sinking into wet …