Norman Cahn Leatherworks Cabrio Wallet Review – $99.99

It’s always a pleasure to get a second or third piece of stellar leather from a brand we’ve reviewed in the past. It’s an even greater pleasure when you’re receiving a piece from someone who is widely regarded as a true artisan in the leather craft world. I’m pleased to introduce you to the cleverly designed Cabrio Wallet from Norman Cahn Leatherworks.

About Norman Cahn Leatherworks
Norman Cahn is …

Norman Cahn Leatherworks Field Notes Cover Review – $42.99

I’m definitely one of those guys who always needs to have pen and paper handy at all times. As a business owner, family man, and generally busy guy, I am frequently in need of writing things down for later use – whether it’s an idea, a task that needs to be done, or contact information for future follow up. Field Notes Notebooks or similar products are a great way to keep those notes, thoughts, and information …

Norman Cahn Leatherworks Passport Case Review – $33.99 each

I honestly think that some of the nicest people in the world are somehow involved in the world of leather. It seems that statement is confirmed every time I get a chance to speak with someone within this industry. Norman Cahn is definitely one of those folks that I’m talking about. Every single conversation I’ve had with him has been a great experience.

About Norman Cahn Leatherworks
Norman, …