Moore and Giles Benedict Bison Weekend Bag Review — $925

Man, this is a dang good-looking bag.

It’s the Moore and Giles Benedict Weekend Bag. I’ve owned it for about four weeks now. It has accompanied me on a 4-day and a 5-day trip. So far I’m loving it.

The leather itself has such a cool feel—soft, yet textured. The bag’s design scores high marks for style. It’s also spacious and durable. This is certainly one of the most impressive leather products I’ve seen in a …

Moore & Giles Brennan Rucksack Review – $515

Moore & Giles is a leather manufacturer based in Forest, Virginia.  They produce fine leather for the high-end hospitality industry, high-end furniture industry, and the commercial and residential interior design market.  They have been producing leather since 1933 and have established relationships with many retailers across the United States and select international countries.
(We recently posted a video produced by Moore & Giles showing how their leather is made.  It is a fantastic …