Lekoza Minimalist Cover

Lekoza Minimalistic Elephant Briefcase Review – $1000

Editor’s Note: It seems this review has created a stir among many of you. Please note that the elephant leather on this bag is not from an animal specifically hunted down and harvested just to make leather items. The leather is a by-product/derivative of a legally culled animal by national park rangers and park managers in Africa. There are legal channels provided around the world to purchase exotic leather such as elephant. It would be a …


Stock & Barrel No. 32 Minimalist Satchel Review – $345

It seems that almost everything these days is jammed packed with multiple features. If a widget doesn’t perform umpteen different functions, it just isn’t good enough. Personally, I find that tiresome at times. So, it’s really refreshing to find a product that keeps it simple and does a job well. And, if it looks good while doing it…well, that’s icing on the cake.

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