Korchmar Garfield Laptop Messenger Bag Review – $465

We’ve recently partnered with Korchmar to host a giveaway. Prior to the giveaway, I was given a chance to review the bag chosen. Check out this review and head on over to our giveaway page to participate!

When shopping for a bag that can carry larger sized laptops, there is often a fight between major components such as size/weight, capacity, durability, and look. For those with 15-inch laptops, you can often run into a …


In our last review with Wotancraft, we were introduced to their striking Ryker camera bag which combined a compact sized carry with excellent craftsmanship and detailed features. Unlike Biz Markie, Wotancraft is no one trick pony, they offer a full selection of carry options. We were very excited to review one of their larger and more rugged bags, The Wotancraft  Ranger Camera Bag + Waterproof Insert Combo Set.

LederMann Rugged Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag Backpack Review – $455

We’re changing things up a little bit here. That doesn’t sound quite right. We’re working to add a new component to our BestLeather readers with the addition of some occasional short video reviews of the products that we review. Our first foray into this is a feature style on LederMann’s newest bag – their Rugged Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag Backpack. And, apologies in advance for some of the wind noise in the video….

White Buffalo Republic Fairview Messenger Bag Review – $279.99

Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, John Colter, Jedediah Smith, William Sublette – all mountain men who embraced adventure and the unknown on a daily basis. During the westward expansion of the United States, these men and their ways, became the “legendary stuff of legends”. To this day their grandiose deeds inspire. One of the things these guys were known for was their “possibles bags”. Generally a possibles bag was made from some type of leather – …

Floto Imports Messenger Brief Review – $399

Floto Imports and BestLeather have the epitome of the perfect BestLeather relationship. We have reviewed numerous Floto Imports products, they advertise on our website, and we enjoy every second of this mutually beneficial partnership. So when we received yet another bag from Floto Imports, we were extremely thrilled.

When BestLeather initially received this bag, I didn’t see it right away. Many others saw it, held it, “smelt” it, and inspected it before I even had a …

Hermann Oak Leather Company – About The Sierra Latigo Line of Leather

The Hermann Oak Leather Company was established in 1881 in order to handle the local harness trade and to supply the wagon trains of settlers traveling west along the Lewis and Clark trails.  As the company grew, they began to supply the US military with various leather needs for both World Wars, and also began to establish a reputation for producing some of the finest vegetable tanned leathers available.  Hermann Oak has become renowned …