Crosby Square Cover

Crosby Square Findlay Shoes Review – $395

Sometimes it is truly difficult to stand out from the crowd. With so many similar styles, shapes, and colors in the men’s dress shoes industry, it requires true quality, craftsmanship, and a touch of heritage to be different. Crosby Square happens to check all of these boxes, and I am very excited to be reviewing their classic wingtip brogues: The Findlay.

The House of Crosby Square …

Timberland Wodehouse Cover

Timberland Boot Company Men’s Wodehouse Wing Boots – $300

Men’s Footwear is an enormous industry with thousands of designs, producers, and materials. But when it comes down to it, leather boots are without a doubt the longest lasting and highest quality sector of the trade. Timberland has established itself as a powerhouse in the Men’s Boots industry since 1973, but The Timberland Boot Company is a relatively new addition to Timberland. This new addition is focused on producing boots that are inspired by early craftsmanship …