Marked Leather Passport Holder Review – $65

Traveling internationally – whether by air, boat, rail, or automobile is always an exciting undertaking. And, it definitely requires some advance planning. Whenever I have an upcoming trip, I make a list of things that need to go with me and I ensure that everything has a place. When I travel out of the United States, I’m keenly aware of my passport’s location at all times. So, it makes sense to store it in a …


Marked Leather Marked Satchel- $360

The majority of leather and leather production is focused on perfection. The goal is to harvest hides from animals with little imperfection, process them without damage, tan them without flaw, and create products with beautiful, pristine leather.

But, there’s an emerging, growing sector of the population that sees leather that is considered as imperfect as something to be appreciated. Marked Leather is at the forefront of producing high quality leather bags from scarred, marked leather and …