Mario Latorre Cover

Mario Latorre Black Voltaire Litigation Briefcase Review- $755

With the 2016 trade shows coming up, we thought it fitting to review a leather product from a company we discovered this time last year. We’ve been impressed with the level of quality maintained by this company. This time around I am reviewing the Black Voltaire Litigation Briefcase, and I must say, this briefcase is truly a stunner.

Mario Latorre was founded by Daniel and Paola Garrido and is currently based out …

Mario Latorre Cover

Mario Latorre Baroni Rustico Review – $385

Working with leather companies has grown to be one of my favorite things. From the initial email to the phone call discussing a company and its products, it is truly a unique and enjoyable job. I have dealt with numerous leather companies, and each time I am always impressed with their passion and purpose in the leather field. Every company has a different take on products and an individual style. Mario Latorre has consistently been …


Mario Latorre Bottini Review – $565

I have always been one to appreciate the finer things in life. I enjoy expensive clothes, shoes, food, products, and cars. A life of luxury and quality will forever be one of my ambitions. This desire of mine has been satiated for the time being by the Mario Latorre Bottini briefcase. This luxurious bag will change the way you carry yourself when it’s worn, change your opinion on expensive leather goods, and open your eyes …