Loyal Stricklin Aviator Mug Review – $30

When people are out and about I tend to observe what types of items they are carrying. For the majority of the population I have noticed that mugs are a requirement. Michael Stricklin, of Alabama based company Loyal Stricklin, has taken the idea of what a mug has always been and introduced a design that is simple, versatile, and downright clever. I have been completely impressed by the Loyal Stricklin Aviator Mug and use it …

Loyal Stricklin Front

Loyal Stricklin Loyal Travel Wallet Review – $156

It’s amazing how many different types of wallets are out there. Do a quick Google search and you will find countless styles from almost every leather maker. So which do you choose? I won’t answer that for you, but if you are looking for something unique, well made, and useful, Loyal Stricklin provides.

The name says it all for the Loyal Travel Wallet. This is the second wallet from Loyal Stricklin that we have …

Front Image

Loyal Stricklin Front Pocket Wallet Review – $89.99

There are countless different types of front pocket wallets available, but few are as good as the one from Loyal Stricklin. Michael Stricklin started the company for a reason we hear a lot around here; he was tired of only having low quality goods available. Michael and his small band of artisans took it upon themselves to set things right and they nailed it. All of their products are meticulously handmade in an old railway …