Born and Bred England Cord Wrap and Card Wallet — Rebranding to DENAGY

In light of some big changes over at Born and Bred, we’ve had the chance to bring out and review some of their previous line of products – and introduce you to the brand new DENAGY. These two pieces are high end leather goods we can fully recommend, and the new product line brought with the rebranding to DENAGY introduces an increase in both quality and luxury.
Both the card …


Stevenson Leather Co. Voyageur Bifold Review – $125

Handmade from start to finish, the Stevenson Leather Co. Voyageur Bifold is an intricately designed classic wallet. This high capacity bifold will be able to carry everything you need, and the two-tone color scheme gives you a black formal wallet on the outside with a personal, stylish taupe touch on the inside.

Stevenson Leather Co. is a young one-man-show company …

North Star Cover

North Star Leather Small Bifold Wallet with Window – $24.95

Quality is a difficult term to define. I believe that definitions of quality are unique to an individual’s character, but no matter who you ask, we all can agree on one thing: we know quality when we see it. In the case of North Star Leather Company, they have created quality products at an affordable price. This is the third product from North Star that we have reviewed, and it also does not disappoint. The …


J. Ryan & Company The Minimalist Review – $100

While this wallet from J. Ryan and Company may be called The Minimalist, there’s nothing minimal about the eye-popping design and gorgeous combination of leathers that make up this refined card holder.

J. Ryan & Company, LLC is an Emmett, Idaho based company known for their custom exotic holster offerings, but more recently adding items such as belts, …


Norman Cahn Leatherworks Cabrio Wallet Review – $99.99

It’s always a pleasure to get a second or third piece of stellar leather from a brand we’ve reviewed in the past. It’s an even greater pleasure when you’re receiving a piece from someone who is widely regarded as a true artisan in the leather craft world. I’m pleased to introduce you to the cleverly designed Cabrio Wallet from Norman Cahn Leatherworks.

About Norman Cahn Leatherworks
Norman Cahn is …

NorthStar iPhone Sleeve Walllet Cover

North Star Leather Horween iPhone 6 Card Sleeve Review – $40

A couple months back I broke my brand new iPhone 6. It was my last day at a job and I was helping a customer out by looking something up for them. In their excited gratitude, they accidently smacked my phone out of my hand and shattered the screen. Since then, I have always kept a leather sleeve or plastic case on my phone. The North Star Horween iPhone 6 Card Sleeve has proven …

Maxwell Scott The Sabina Coin Purse COVER

Maxwell Scott – The Sabina Coin Purse Review – $100

Women’s wallets can be kinda goofy. I’m not a huge fan of giant checkbook-sized wallets, but pockets on women’s jeans and pants are never big enough to fit a pocket sized wallet. It’s a lose-lose. So I am always on the lookout for interesting women’s wallet idea. Maxwell Scott offers up a cute alternative with their ball clasp coin wallet, dubbed The Sabina.


Waskerd Brea Zipper Wallet Review — $115

You know how they say the best chefs don’t just pay attention to taste but also to presentation? When my Waskerd Brea Zipper Wallet arrived in the mail, my mind went straight to those masterful chefs. Right away, the extreme attention to detail impressed me—the personalized note, the way it was wrapped as a gift in a colorful cloth and string, even the business card made of leather. The wallet itself just continued this same …

DaLuca Feature Photo

DaLuca Straps Leather Horizontal Snap Wallet – $115

I remember one time awhile back my friends and I were just finishing up at a Chinese American buffet (which I’ll never go back to) and when it came time to divvy up the bill we all pulled out our wallets. If you threw them all on the table and shuffled them around, you’d be hard pressed to tell whose was whose. That might have been the starting point in my fascination with wallets and …


Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet Review – $33

You can tell a lot about a man by his wallet. A wallet bulging with loyalty cards, coupons, and a small photo album might signify the sentimental, family guy. A small, sparse bifold might represent the stoic loner. But one thing we all have in common is we usually tend to use a wallet until it falls apart and simply go buy a cheap department store replacement. Tired of the endless cycle I went on …


Larsen & Ross Three Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet Review – $55

The wallet may have more design variations than almost any other product in the world. They come in virtually every shape and size. And, they are made from every conceivable material. Of course our favorite material is leather. Multi-use wallets score big with me. I like options. Fortunately, the Larsen & Ross Three Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet (phew, that’s a mouthful) is one of those wallets that qualifies as multi-use: it’s a …

Origins Simple Wallet1

Origins Leather Company The Simple Wallet Review – $45

For those avid readers of, you’ll recognize the name, Origins Leather Company.  We recently did a review on their Classic Briefcase, and followed that review with a giveaway of the same briefcase.  The giveaway was extremely well received with over 14,000 entries, the best giveaway that BestLeather has had to date.  After the giveaway we knew that Origins had a unique recipe for producing quality goods.  That special recipe is quite simple, like …