Anchor Leather Co. Custom Cast Bottle Opener Review – $20

Well, as the saying goes, ‘It’s 5 o’clock somewhere’ and this solid brass and leather bottle opener form Anchor Leather Co. is the perfect tool to use anytime of day and at any occasion.

The minimal design with signature engravings makes it an heirloom piece for sure. The design and engravings make a perfect gift or token for an avid rock climber and/or beer drinker….

Walnut Studiolo Travel Cribbage Board – $45

Back in the dark ages, before video games, we used to sit down by the light of the fire and play a nice game of cribbage as a family. I’m mostly kidding – while I don’t get to play board games as much as I’d like these days, we still break out the cribbage board from time to time, usually while camping or on vacation. My parents had this fancy cribbage board carved into an elk antler …