Saddleback Large Satchel Cover

Saddleback Large Leather Satchel Review – $408

There comes a time to take the leap from a nylon messenger bag to a quality leather piece that excels in both form and function. If you search for “best leather bag” in Google, the first hit will be the Saddleback Leather Company website– and for good reason. Saddleback Leather (SBL) is a Texas-based company specializing in full-grain, fully tanned leather goods designed to last a lifetime and beyond. This is an online …


Kendal & Hyde Medium Classic Leather Satchel – First Impressions

The team at BestLeather has the privilege of seeing lots and lots of leather products. Since we’re leather aficionados (aka leather nerds), we think of it as a major perk for being part of this team. But, even for us there are those times when we see a leather bag or another product and remark to anyone who’s willing to listen, “oh…they really got that one right.” Those are the words I uttered when I …


Kendal & Hyde Company Classic Leather Satchel Kickstarter

With four wildly successful Kickstarter campaigns under their belt, Kendal & Hyde Co. is at it again. This time around they have designed a timeless classic leather satchel. “We have spent the past six or so months reworking our design and improving it, refining it down to its basic elements of simplicity, utility and strength.”

Kendall & Hyde Co.’s leather satchel is truly one of the most thought out bags we have seen. The add-on, modular accessories …