Marked Leather Passport Holder Review – $65

Traveling internationally – whether by air, boat, rail, or automobile is always an exciting undertaking. And, it definitely requires some advance planning. Whenever I have an upcoming trip, I make a list of things that need to go with me and I ensure that everything has a place. When I travel out of the United States, I’m keenly aware of my passport’s location at all times. So, it makes sense to store it in a …


Norman Cahn Leatherworks Passport Case Review – $33.99 each

I honestly think that some of the nicest people in the world are somehow involved in the world of leather. It seems that statement is confirmed every time I get a chance to speak with someone within this industry. Norman Cahn is definitely one of those folks that I’m talking about. Every single conversation I’ve had with him has been a great experience.

About Norman Cahn Leatherworks
Norman, …