North Star Leather Horween iPhone 6 Card Sleeve Review – $40

A couple months back I broke my brand new iPhone 6. It was my last day at a job and I was helping a customer out by looking something up for them. In their excited gratitude, they accidently smacked my phone out of my hand and shattered the screen. Since then, I have always kept a leather sleeve or plastic case on my phone. The North Star Horween iPhone 6 Card Sleeve has proven …

Avund Goods iPhone 6 Sleeve + Wristlet Review – $99

There’s a plethora of iPhone carry options on the market. Even with all the varieties it’s still hard to stand out since everything available basically amounts to disposable plastic. Avund Goods iPhone 6 Sleeve + Wristlet presents itself as a quality alternative multi function accessory that you won’t want to toss after a week.

As with most of Avund Good’s products, the iPhone Sleeve is made from …

Saddleback Leather iPhone 5 case in Dark Coffee Brown top view with phone

New: Saddleback Leather iPhone 5 Leather Sleeve

If you buy a phone case, especially an expensive one, it can be a pain when the next phone comes out with different dimensions. I am always uncertain about buying leather cases and sleeves for gadgets that change dimensions and ports as new iterations come out, like the MacBook Air Sleeve.
The latest iPhone comes out as too tall for the iPhone 4 sleeves so manufacturers are cranking out iPhone 5 designs. Hopefully those who bought iPhone 4 sleeves can find something to do with them or someone to sell them to.