Iron & Resin Elk Bobber Gloves Review – $72

Riding motorcycles is definitely one of my favorite things in this world. There is nothing like hopping on my bike and cruising in to town or hitting some twisties. Every motorcyclist knows that he/she needs several things before they are truly prepared to ride. A helmet, protective jacket, and a solid pair of gloves are the three items, in my opinion, that are essential to every rider. Today we are going to check out the …


Iron & Resin Café Gloves Review – $72

When you get your first two-wheeled freedom machine (aka motorcycle), it’s an awesome experience. I owned my first motorcycle in college. When I graduated, I quickly upgraded to another cruiser and used it daily to commute into the San Fernando Valley. One of the best things I ever did for my daily rides was purchase a good set of leather gloves. Of course gloves aren’t just for riding motorcycles…but some gloves just go with motorcycles …


Hungant Peccary Leather Gloves Review – $140

Do you need a pair of gloves for touching nice things in nice clothes? We are talking about driving, holding your wife’s hand in the cold, or driving an Aston Martin. These may be for you. These are sartorial gloves. These are fancy gloves. They are not for weeding the garden or splitting firewood.

This pair arrived from the ever prestigious LeatherGloves4U on Etsy with Hungant Leather branding. Now I know what …