Marlondo Leather Smartphone Wallet Review

Ma Londo, owner and proprietor of Marlondo Leather, is kind of an enigma. He burst onto the leather working scene a couple years back with some very cool and interesting takes on (what has become) the standard leather briefcase styles, and he also designed some smaller pieces like Dopp kits, belts, and wallets.

And then . . . Poof!

He was gone.  His website was taken down, there were communication difficulties, and all that was left …


BaytowneLeatherUSA iPad Air Leather Sleeve Review – $75

BayTowneLeatherUSA is an Illinois-based Etsy store specializing in handmade leather goods including leather folios, sleeves, wallets, and belts all created by a single leathersmith – Roge. Roge (short for Roger) creates all his products by himself in a 18×24 foot leather shop behind his home. Due to this single-crafter business model, he is able to customize any of his products or create new items from scratch according to the customer’s specifications. With a perfect 5 star rating from over 200 reviews …