Introducing Rugged Minimalist — Exclusive BestLeather Preorder Sale

Here at BestLeather, we love to find young companies getting their start in leather goods–especially when they’re starting off right. We’re excited to introduce Rugged Minimalist, fresh off their very first Kickstarter and making some incredible products. We’re also excited to announce a special limited time pre-order promotion code just for our BestLeather readers!

Rugged Minimalist is based out of Watertown, TN. Founder Jason Barnes and …

Holiday Shopping – Save Some Bucks on Quality Leather Gifts This Year

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching quickly. Your mailbox and your inbox are most likely getting stuffed full of flashy ads, coupons, and invitations to buy, buy, buy.

In light of all the frenzy that surrounds the holiday shopping season, we’ve decided to keep it simple and focus on the good stuff – leather. I know, it’s shocking to hear that BestLeather would simply focus its attention on leather products during the most epic shopping …