Bidinis Cover

Bidinis Simone Purse – $298

When I was in college, I purchased a $40 women’s briefcase from Target that had black crocodile print faux leather and silver toned hardware. I loved that it was modern but looked appropriate in a professional setting. However, that bag started falling apart at the seams and handles within two months of use, and sadly I had to throw it away long before the semester ended. So I was quite excited when I got the chance to review the …


First Impressions: The Kendal & Hyde Classic Attache

From Kendal & Hyde we have a new line of modular computer briefcases in their Classic Attache. Another product launched with a very successful Kickstarter campaign, these beautiful briefs with a formal touch are offered in a concise array of options to suit buyers’ personal taste and needs.

Kendal & Hyde have been in the leather hardgoods scene for a few years now and are based out of California and …

Kendal and Hyde Cover

Kendal & Hyde Medium Classic Satchel [Prototype] Review – $500

For several years I’ve thought about getting a leather satchel or messenger for myself. However, each time I looked into it, none of the options I saw spoke to me enough to justify a buy…until I saw an ad for the Kendal & Hyde Classic Satchel. The bag I had envisioned being on my side had finally surfaced. Rugged yet undeniably classy and cool, the Classic Satchel is sure to serve well and turn …

Lekoza Minimalist Cover

Lekoza Minimalistic Elephant Briefcase Review – $1000

Editor’s Note: It seems this review has created a stir among many of you. Please note that the elephant leather on this bag is not from an animal specifically hunted down and harvested just to make leather items. The leather is a by-product/derivative of a legally culled animal by national park rangers and park managers in Africa. There are legal channels provided around the world to purchase exotic leather such as elephant. It would be a …

Floto Imports Firenze Dowell Cover

Floto Imports Firenze Dowell Briefcase Review – $449

Recently I was out looking at motorcycles, one of those “maybe this is the month I buy one” type of things, and as always, one particular brand held my attention captive – Aprilia. The salesman, sly man that he was, must have noticed my jaw ajar and said something that I absolutely loved – “It’s just got that special Italian magic.” I’m reminded of that phrase every time I look at Floto Imports …

Moore and Giles Canady Haversack Cover

Moore & Giles Canady Haversack Review – $850

Moore & Giles has been firmly entrenched in the leather industry since it was founded in 1933 in Lynchburg, VA. Currently, Moore & Giles employs more than 70 people in its headquarters in Forest, Virginia with representation in every major metropolitan area as well as strategic partnerships in England, Germany, France, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Moore & Giles designs and develops luxurious natural leathers for leather upholstery, residential leather, hospitality leather and aviation …


Mario Latorre Bottini Review – $565

I have always been one to appreciate the finer things in life. I enjoy expensive clothes, shoes, food, products, and cars. A life of luxury and quality will forever be one of my ambitions. This desire of mine has been satiated for the time being by the Mario Latorre Bottini briefcase. This luxurious bag will change the way you carry yourself when it’s worn, change your opinion on expensive leather goods, and open your eyes …


Rustic Leather Medium Briefcase Review – $349

When I went looking for a briefcase a few years ago, I had a few criteria. First, it had to be quality leather. When I first started looking I didn’t know very much about leather, but I did know I didn’t want something that would feel flimsy and cheap. Second, it had to be within my price range. That is, my combined Christmas money from that year! Third, it had to fit a 13″ MacBook—since …


Mmmm… New Leather Products From Marlondo Leather

Ma, the owner of Marlondo Leather, has been busy the last few months redesigning their website and product line to be more durable and usable. It’s gone well as you can see. Marlondo Leather has upgraded the quality of leather they use (imported from the United States), added durable pigskin lining, and implemented some hefty brass hardware.

Expect to see more from Marlondo in the coming months as they get …