Moore and Giles Benedict Bison Weekend Bag Review — $925

Man, this is a dang good-looking bag.

It’s the Moore and Giles Benedict Weekend Bag. I’ve owned it for about four weeks now. It has accompanied me on a 4-day and a 5-day trip. So far I’m loving it.

The leather itself has such a cool feel—soft, yet textured. The bag’s design scores high marks for style. It’s also spacious and durable. This is certainly one of the most impressive leather products I’ve seen in a …


Aunts and Uncles Networker Messenger Bag Review

Aunts and Uncles has been on the radar for quite some time now. After numerous reader requests to review items from this quirky, stylish German brand, we have finally been able to check out one of their men’s satchels. Today I will be reviewing The Networker, which is a sleek, modern men’s satchel from the Workmates collection.


Aunts and Uncles is a German company that makes …


Waterfield Designs Vitesse Messenger Bag Review — $159

Vitesse is a French noun meaning speed. The word suggests a European zest combined with rapid utility. It’s the perfect name for the Waterfield Designs Vitesse Messenger Bag. The bag is simple, lightweight, and has a certain flair in its design.

About Waterfield Designs
Waterfield is a San Francisco based company, and they seem quite tech savvy. Their products are …

M Mercantile Steamer Backpack Cover

Mission Mercantile Steamer Backpack Review – $345

One of my favorite parts about the leather industry is the fascinating history behind many of the its traditions. It’s amazing how some of the smallest details of classic bag designs can have the most interesting backgrounds. Mission Mercantile is a company that really seems to share this passion for history, and their Steamer Backpack demonstrates this perfectly.

Mission Mercantile is a new …


Introducing Rugged Minimalist — Exclusive BestLeather Preorder Sale

Here at BestLeather, we love to find young companies getting their start in leather goods–especially when they’re starting off right. We’re excited to introduce Rugged Minimalist, fresh off their very first Kickstarter and making some incredible products. We’re also excited to announce a special limited time pre-order promotion code just for our BestLeather readers!

Rugged Minimalist is based out of Watertown, TN. Founder Jason Barnes and …

Mission Mercantile Cover Photo

Mission Mercantile Stateroom Weekender Review – $695

If you were a VIP a century or two ago, you’d make sure you travelled in style. Whether by train or steamboat, a gentleman (or gentlewoman) most likely enjoyed the comfort of a stateroom, a separate room that offered privacy and quiet. Mission Mercantile’s Stateroom Weekender evokes this bygone era of travel, with its vintage style and hefty construction.  The Stateroom Weekender definitely makes you feel like a VIP, even if traveling is a little easier these days….


First Impressions: The Kendal & Hyde Classic Attache

From Kendal & Hyde we have a new line of modular computer briefcases in their Classic Attache. Another product launched with a very successful Kickstarter campaign, these beautiful briefs with a formal touch are offered in a concise array of options to suit buyers’ personal taste and needs.

Kendal & Hyde have been in the leather hardgoods scene for a few years now and are based out of California and …

Adam O Cover

Adam O Leathers Launches Kickstarter for Line of Bridle Leather Bags

Adam O Leathers has announced a new line of items made from famous Wickett and Craig bridle leather on Kickstarter. The line includes a briefcase, two messenger bags, leather coasters, and personalized keychains. In the past, the company has offered professional knife rolls as well as a line of Horween messenger bags.

Bag Features:

Made with thick English Bridle Leather from Wickett and Craig (6.5oz)
Marine grade …

Mario Latorre Cover

Mario Latorre Black Voltaire Litigation Briefcase Review- $755

With the 2016 trade shows coming up, we thought it fitting to review a leather product from a company we discovered this time last year. We’ve been impressed with the level of quality maintained by this company. This time around I am reviewing the Black Voltaire Litigation Briefcase, and I must say, this briefcase is truly a stunner.

Mario Latorre was founded by Daniel and Paola Garrido and is currently based out …

Kendal and Hyde Cover

Kendal & Hyde Medium Classic Satchel [Prototype] Review – $500

For several years I’ve thought about getting a leather satchel or messenger for myself. However, each time I looked into it, none of the options I saw spoke to me enough to justify a buy…until I saw an ad for the Kendal & Hyde Classic Satchel. The bag I had envisioned being on my side had finally surfaced. Rugged yet undeniably classy and cool, the Classic Satchel is sure to serve well and turn …

Maria Fano Michelle Bag Cover copy

Maria Fano Michelle Bag Review – $700

Based in New York City, Maria Fano recently launched her company via a successful Kickstarter campaign. Maria’s goal is to offer luxury handbags with premium materials for an affordable price. She and seven artisans based in Lviv, Ukraine, have designed a minimalist product line made for women who want handmade, designer quality at a more reasonable price point.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the Michelle Bag. Keep an eye out for a review …

Colonel Littleton No 17 Hunt Bag Cover

Colonel Littleton No. 17 Hunt Bag Review – $370

“Sometimes old ways are better than new ways” – that’s a quote directly from Colonel Littleton. In spite of all of the advancements our modern day society has made…all of the technological leaps and bounds that seem to occur weekly, his quote is completely true. The allure of handmade, of time well spent crafting something of beauty is still heralded today. Handcrafted, artisan products are one of the key hallmarks of everything that comes out of …



A nice leather bag is one of those things that many people consider an investment worth working for. As many can already agree, finding the ‘perfect’ leather bag that looks good, last a long time, fits in the budget, and functions the way it is supposed to is surprisingly difficult. More times than not, consumers end up buying a cheap mass produced bag that works but does not offer many of the aforementioned qualities. Introducing …

Ducks In A Row Cover

DUCKS IN A ROW Launches Kickstarter for Commuter Cycling Backpack

DUCKS IN A ROW launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter last week, featuring backpacks built with the cycling commuter in mind.

This unique backpack holds a laptop, combining the lifestyle and high-tech features the urban dweller needs. The backpack has a convenient touch screen pocket which means users can navigate GPS and handle music without stopping. The DUCKS IN A ROW backpack has a simple handlebar connection which leaves cyclists’ shoulders free and keeps riders’ …

Satchel and Page Giveaway Cover

Satchel & Page Suitcase Giveaway – $650 Value!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jose C., the very lucky winner of the Satchel and Page Suitcase Giveaway!

BestLeather is pleased to be partnering with Satchel & Page once again to bring you another great giveaway. This time around, we’re offering you a chance to win one of their brand new designs – the Suitcase! Be sure to follow the steps and enter to win. And, …


Satchel & Page Suitcase Review – $650

Travel is a wonderful thing. I enjoy traveling immensely and fortunately, get to do quite a bit of it each year for work and play. As many know, airline travel within the United States has changed dramatically over the past few years. With the ingenious [cough] decision to charge passengers for checked luggage, many people have turned to carry on only bags. Due to that change, the choices in luggage have been pretty static – …


High On Leather Vintage Brown Messenger Bag Review — $85

When you have a nice leather product, people tend to notice. Same thing with a fresh haircut. But when they say, “Nice bag” (or “Nice haircut”), it usually isn’t actually a positive judgement. Instead, they’re simply saying they noticed. People noticed me carrying High On Leather’s Vintage Brown Leather Messenger Bag too, and they’d make that sort of non-judgemental comment. Then I’d say, “It’s east-Indian goat leather.” Then they’d raise their eyebrows as …

Floto Imports Firenze Dowell Cover

Floto Imports Firenze Dowell Briefcase Review – $449

Recently I was out looking at motorcycles, one of those “maybe this is the month I buy one” type of things, and as always, one particular brand held my attention captive – Aprilia. The salesman, sly man that he was, must have noticed my jaw ajar and said something that I absolutely loved – “It’s just got that special Italian magic.” I’m reminded of that phrase every time I look at Floto Imports …


Buffalo Jackson Everett Leather Camera Bag Review – $149.95

Buffalo Jackson sells a multitude of your classic leather goods – wallets, belts, and briefcases. Today we will take a look at a more unique leather item – the Everett Leather Camera Bag specifically designed to carefully hold your camera and accessories.

The Everett series of bags including this camera bag are made in India using goat leather tanned through their local traditional tanning and …