Quick Look: J. Ryan & Co. Legacy Horsehide Key Fob – $25 (Indiegogo Campaign)

Certain artisans excite no matter what product they present you with, and J. Ryan & Co. has done it again with their simple but beautiful Legacy Horsehide Key Fob. It’s currently being run as an Indiegogo campaign, but Jim has provided us with an early model so we could show it to our readers.
About J. Ryan & Co.
J. Ryan & Co. has developed a rock solid reputation for refined small leather goods, from …

J. Ryan & Co Leather Shaving Strop Review

All strops are not created equal. As a matter of fact, I have heard countless times throughout my years in the wet shaving and barbering industry that a shaver’s strop is quite irrelevant, and “the cheaper the better”—a partial truth, to be sure, because who doesn’t like to get good quality products for good prices? In some cases, individuals will have gone out and found a quality vintage or used strop for a decent price, but with …

J. Ryan & Company The Minimalist Review – $100

While this wallet from J. Ryan and Company may be called The Minimalist, there’s nothing minimal about the eye-popping design and gorgeous combination of leathers that make up this refined card holder.

J. Ryan & Company, LLC is an Emmett, Idaho based company known for their custom exotic holster offerings, but more recently adding items such as belts, …