Larsen & Ross Minimalist iPhone 6 Sleeve Review – $60

It’s always exciting when new technology is released. The new iPhone 6 has been a huge hit and with it came a flood of new case and sleeve designs. At, we let the “dust” settle a bit on the initial wave of cases and sleeves and now we’re beginning to review some of the standouts. Whether these cases/sleeves are being reviewed because they’re standouts in design, price, uniqueness, or simplicity we’re planning to review …


Waxhaws iPhone 6 Wallet “The Classic” w/ Kickstand Review – $84

With the new iPhones’ recent release this year came, a whole new set of iPhone cases charged out from the gates. Many models appeared immediately, made of chemicals and plastics with difficult names such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). There are also many “leather” cases currently being sold for low-low prices. Although they are leather in appearance, many are simply plastic imitations.

The Waxhaws Leather Company once again delivers with a whole new line up of …