Holdster Fist Model Coasters Review – $29.99

In the Holdster Model 01 and Model 05 reviews, we saw two creative accessories designed to make the everyday act of drinking just that much better. Today we’re taking a look at the Holdster Fist Model Coasters, the perfect accessory to the accessory, ideal for anyone who loves a refreshing cold drink but hates water stains.

The Holdster Fist Model Coaster is a simple design. It is a single piece of …

Holdster Model 05: XL Holdster Review – $34.99

You were recently introduced to the Holdster Model 01, the first of the awesome koozies for all you drinkers out there – amateur or professional, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Well in case you thought to yourself, “Man, I could really use a bigger drink,” there’s a Holdster especially made for you. Introducing the Holdster Model 05: XL Holdster.

The Holdster Model 05 is the big brother of the Holdster Model 01. This big hunk …

Holdster Model 01: Cross Stitch Review – $33.99

Ford had the Model T, Atari had the 2600, and Holdster has the Model 01. The brainchild of Marsh Gooding, whose main goal in life is to win the Arctic Man Classic, Holdster grew out of the idea for the perfect koozie for a Ball or Mason jar to hold his coffee from the neighborhood bakery. One thing led to another, and now everyone can reap the rewards of a man chasing his dream …