Ghurka Large Pouch No. 65 Review – $150

Ghurka is a NYC based company focused on producing leather goods with a classic American style. The company factory started in Norwalk, CT in 1975 and its founder, Marley Hodgson, was inspired at an estate sale by campaign gear made for Ghurka regimental officers stationed in India during the early 1900s. The company’s ownership and ideals have shifted over the years but the current company is bringing itself back to its roots in …


Ghurka Cavalier II No. 97 Review – $1295

Since the 1970s, Ghurka has produced leather goods with a classic American style. The Cavalier series of duffle bags continues to be a staple of the company’s products and exemplifies the goals of Ghurka.  When Francis Ford Coppola was asked to choose his favorite luggage maker, he stated “Ghurka. Their leather bags don’t wear out, but get more weatherbeaten and lovely with age.”

Like the …