Floto Imports Firenze Dowell Cover

Floto Imports Firenze Dowell Briefcase Review – $449

Recently I was out looking at motorcycles, one of those “maybe this is the month I buy one” type of things, and as always, one particular brand held my attention captive – Aprilia. The salesman, sly man that he was, must have noticed my jaw ajar and said something that I absolutely loved – “It’s just got that special Italian magic.” I’m reminded of that phrase every time I look at Floto Imports …


Floto Imports Messenger Brief Review – $399

Floto Imports and BestLeather have the epitome of the perfect BestLeather relationship. We have reviewed numerous Floto Imports products, they advertise on our website, and we enjoy every second of this mutually beneficial partnership. So when we received yet another bag from Floto Imports, we were extremely thrilled.

When BestLeather initially received this bag, I didn’t see it right away. Many others saw it, held it, “smelt” it, and inspected it before I even had a …


Floto Imports Ragazza Bag Review – $299

A lot of us here at Best Leather love rugged, hard-wearing pieces—bags you could drive a truck over or laptop cases you could throw off the edge of a cliff. Those pieces are great, but sometimes a sleek, delicate bag is the perfect compliment to your outfit when you aren’t planning on taking your stuff to a BASE-jumping contest or a bear fight.

The Floto Imports Ragazza Bag is just that bag. Made of embossed …


Floto Imports Roma Duffle Review – $229

You don’t always need to spend oodles of cash in order to get something that is chock full of quality. Also, the old adage, “you get what you pay for” isn’t always completely true. Sometimes you can get an item that’s made well, made from great materials, backed with a great warranty, and comes from a reputable company at a great price.

The Floto Imports Roma Duffle is one of those items I’m referring to …


Floto Imports Parma Edition Duffle Review – $549

Italy and leather go together…it always has been that way. Even today some of the best, most sought after leather fashion pieces, accessories, footwear, bags, and briefcases originate in Italy.

About Floto Imports
Floto Imports was established in 2003 and is based in Brooklyn, NY. All of their products are manufactured in Italy with the philosophy, “older is better”. According to the Floto website, “Our mission is to …