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Far Horizon Traders Serengeti Satchel Review – $249.99

Far Horizon Traders (FHT) has had some great products reviewed in the past including the Sahara Bag as well as the Ascent Rucksack. Today, we bring to you the Serengeti Satchel Review to complement their wide variety of bags.

The other two reviews mentioned it, and I’ll mention it again – the smell of FHT leather is addicting. It’s not overpowering and it’s not …


Far Horizon Traders Ascent Rucksack Review – $349.99

Smells good, looks good – and no, I’m not talking about coming home to a tasty dinner prepared by my amazing wife. I’m referring to my initial response to opening up the box containing the Far Horizon Traders Ascent Rucksack. The rich leather aroma is tantalizing and long lasting with this bag. It has garnered attention in my office for the past week simply based on its pleasant fragrance – and most people …