Harmattan Design The Traveler Review – $500 (Exclusive BestLeather Discount)

Sometimes you need something to hold your laptop. Other times you need a carry on. Then sometimes you need something that will hold it all. Harmattan Design’s The Traveler is a very large duffel bag made entirely of Italian vegetable tanned full grain leather, and will hold everything you need for an extended stay while maintaining a high fashion look. Read on to find out more about our experience with this duffel and …

Wool and Oak Cover

Wool & Oak Announce Duffle Suitcase Kickstarter

Wool & Oak is a new brand specializing in leather functional goods. They recently announced a Kickstarter for their new travel duffle bag that features an organized packing system. The Duffle Suitcase is designed like a classic weekender bag on the outside and built like a compartmentalized suitcase in the inside.


“The brand’s design philosophy is about the marriage of classic design aesthetic with functionality needed in today’s …



As much as I love leather, I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it’s not the ideal material for certain situations. The strength and rigidity hinder its pliability, and packing it down when not in use is usually not an option. That’s when I usually opt for natural textiles, especially waxed cotton. In the search for a bag that has a good marriage of both materials, I came upon the Tucker & Bloom …


Everlane Suede Weekender Bag Review – $135

San Francisco is the place to be for any energetic start up looking to cash in on a fresh demographic. From app companies to new age sandwich shops, its sloped hills house thousands of young-blood ventures that desire to shake things up. Everlane was founded by some such folks, with the intent to cut out the middle-man in clothing manufacturing. Directly linking customers with information about which factories produce their goods and all of the …