The Ongoing Leather Notebook Cover List – Field Notes, Moleskine, Rite in the Rain, Rhodia

To have your notebook cover featured here, contact Bobby at to arrange. This is an ongoing list.

Here we are featuring great notebook covers sent to us by reputable leather companies in the business of making quality goods. The links are in the product titles.

Craft & Lore and BestLeather Port Wallet Giveaway – $55 Value, 4 Winners!

Melanie F, Eric N, Adam B, & Weston A!
Thank you to all who entered the Craft & Lore giveaway! Keep an eye out for more giveaways coming soon!

Craft & Lore is partnering with to give you a shot at winning one of their Port Wallets. The company, located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, is an independent design …

Craft & Lore Launches Kickstarter for The Port Wallet

Craft and Lore, located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, is an independent design and build workshop, focusing on leather goods that are simple in form and function. Craft and Lore recently launched a Kickstarter for their Port Wallet, a minimal handmade wallet made to carry your indispensable cards plus some cash. We recently reviewed the Port Wallet, and here’s what our reviewer Ben had to say about it:

“The Port Wallet is a simple, no-fold, four pocket workhorse …

Craft & Lore Northwestward Field Notes Review – $80

If you’re a scatterbrain like me and need a mini notebook to carry around with you to keep track of life, you will know that notebooks break apart quickly when carried every day. That’s where the Craft And Lore Northwestward Field Notes cover shines. It is a leather cover for the supplied Field Notes notebook with a few card slots on the inside.

Chad Von Lind is the owner, and maker of Craft And Lore. He …

Craft & Lore The Pilgrim Wallet Review – $70

How many times do you go online looking for a leather wallet only to find yourself despondent about the minimal number of choices available? If you’ve ever actually looked, the answer is likely never. There are thousands of companies from huge corporate retail magnates to mom and pop shops in Michigan all peddling the same bi fold and tri-fold. They are cut from one piece of leather or two, faux alligator skin, finest …

Craft & Lore Port Wallet Review – $55

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is a small town in the Panhandle of Northern Idaho, surrounded on all sides by natural beauty. Rugged peaks to the north and east, an enormous lake to the south, another enormous lake the north, another lake north of that, completely and totally surrounded by forest — you get the point. Coeur d’Alene is wild.

It is from this wild, rugged landscape that Chad von Lind draws his inspiration for the products of Craft & Lore. Chad started the company with his own two hands on his kitchen table, after realizing his want for a sheath for a large German hunting knife. What hunting knife is complete without a rugged leather sheath? Chad incorporates the simplicity of the landscape into his products, by designing them with simple, clean functionality in design and long lasting durability in quality and build.