Conestoga Leather Amia Tote Review – $269

The name Amia in French means “beloved.” Conestoga Leather bestowed this name upon their Leather Amia Tote because they hope it will become your favorite bag. Beloved. Let’s see if it lives up to the name.

About Conestoga Leather
Maryland-based Conestoga Leather features craftsmanship by the Amish community nestled in the Maryland area and the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Their handmade product line, which includes folios, bags, and …

Conestoga Leather “The Professional” Folio Review – $299

After spending several hundred dollars on a tablet, the last thing you want to do is scratch it, shatter it, or otherwise damage it. Thankfully there are tons of options out there when it comes to high quality tablet cases, tablet sleeves, or folios. We’ll be looking at The Professional, from Conestoga Leather. Conestoga Leather focuses almost exclusively on luxury tablet folios, with three goals.

1) Design it to be undeniably beautiful and extraordinarily functional
2) …