First Impressions – Rugged Material Messenger Bag

Recently I reached out to the good folks at Rugged Material. Having successfully funded and provided goods through a Kickstarter campaign, I expected great things. I think it is fairly understated to have the ability to speak directly with the founder of a staffed company as a first-time customer. I got that experience from Tyler Condie, the founder of Rugged Material. He’s surrounded by a great team of folks dedicated towards designing and making …

Mario Latorre Black Voltaire Litigation Briefcase Review- $755

With the 2016 trade shows coming up, we thought it fitting to review a leather product from a company we discovered this time last year. We’ve been impressed with the level of quality maintained by this company. This time around I am reviewing the Black Voltaire Litigation Briefcase, and I must say, this briefcase is truly a stunner.

Mario Latorre was founded by Daniel and Paola Garrido and is currently based out …

LederMann Rugged Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag Backpack Review – $455

We’re changing things up a little bit here. That doesn’t sound quite right. We’re working to add a new component to our BestLeather readers with the addition of some occasional short video reviews of the products that we review. Our first foray into this is a feature style on LederMann’s newest bag – their Rugged Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag Backpack. And, apologies in advance for some of the wind noise in the video….

Floto Imports Messenger Brief Review – $399

Floto Imports and BestLeather have the epitome of the perfect BestLeather relationship. We have reviewed numerous Floto Imports products, they advertise on our website, and we enjoy every second of this mutually beneficial partnership. So when we received yet another bag from Floto Imports, we were extremely thrilled.

When BestLeather initially received this bag, I didn’t see it right away. Many others saw it, held it, “smelt” it, and inspected it before I even had a …