Bison No. 1 Belt in Burgundy Review – $100

With a strong line of leather wallets including the No. 2 Wallet in Navy and the iPhone 5 Wallet, Bison has made the next logical leap in leather good designs – equally strong belts. Starting out with just two belt designs, Bison has once again successfully blended tough American hides with smooth sophisticated construction. Today, we get to look at the No. 1 Belt in Burgundy.
Like all Bison goods, The No. 1 belt …

Bison No. 2 Wallet in Navy Review – $65

Bison has been hard at work over this past year upgrading and adding to their online store of top notch American made leather goods. Since their iPhone 5 Leather Wallet was first reviewed in February, the Bison workshop has put out some new materials and colors to their growing collections. I was lucky enough to get my hands on their popular No. 2 Wallet in their newest leather option – Horween Chromexcel in Navy.
Like all …