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Ashland Leather Johnny The Fox Wallet Review – $125

I am a wimp when it comes to wallets. Perhaps it’s the curse of the 21st century metropolitan male: trim-fit pants leave little room for bulky wallets in the pockets, front or back. So my wallets have always been paper thin (I’m serious, my last wallet was literally made of a folded piece of Tyvek). So naturally, I was leary about getting attached to a leather wallet. I was afraid that it’d just end up …

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Ashland Leather Johnny the Fox Bi-fold Wallet – $200

The Ashland Leather company is maker of fine, small leather goods.  Based in Chicago, Illinois, they specialize in making high quality wallets, key fobs, key cases, and leather watch straps.  Ashland Leather was formed by two tanners from the Horween Leather Tannery.  With a knowledge of how to make superb leather, they decided that they needed to also make great products from great leather and their company was born.  BestLeather had the opportunity …

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Ashland Leather’s Shell Cordovan & Chromexcel Polishing Steps

This is a syndicated article from the blog of Ashland Leather.

Shell cordovan has always been an amazing leather choice for footwear. Because of its beauty and durability it’s also the ultimate leather for a wallet. When used in a wallet, shell cordovan experiences a natural polishing effect from the rubbing action of being frequently pulled from your pocket. Furthermore, any moisture from your body will actually expedite the patina process. Developing a great …

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All About Shell Cordovan – An Interview With Horween Leather Co.

Shell Cordovan can be a mystery. It is fabulously expensive, relatively rare, and looks a lot like normal full grain leather. The question on many minds is “Is it worth it?” It’s a fair question worth some research. You get what you pay for, but what are you getting with shell cordovan products that makes them worth the extra scrilla?