Saddleback Leather Keychain Giveaway!

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Saddleback-Leather-Keychain-GiveawayThere is this dark coffee brown Saddleback Leather Keychain that’s been languishing unused for some months now. Time to do something with it!

UPDATE: The winner has been chosen from the comments. Congratulations Rust!

To win this keychain and all the glory and fame that comes with it you must simply post below a link to your next leather purchase and why you like that item so much. The winner will be selected at random. It will be interesting to see what everyone is planning to get next!

The drawing will conclude on April 21st, 2013 where the winner will be announced to claim their rightful and prestigious place in history as’s first giveaway winner.



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  1. Well, TJ, since it looks like you and me are die-hard saddleback lovers (wait, what??), I’ll leap right in and tell you that I lust, LUST I tell you, for the classic briefcase from Saddleback. Not that this is the *only* Saddleback item I wish for, there are many, many ….but I would be happy to start with this classy keyring. (At this point I cannot even afford Dave’s Deals). One day I will be able to say with authority, “They’ll fight over it when I’m dead.: Not yet, though …not quite yet …

  2. I just got a Saddleback Leather gift certificate from my parents for my birthday! I haven’t decided yet what to get. I am thinking about the Moleskine cover, but I might want to save up and get a TB duffle.

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