How To Fix Broken Or Frayed Thread On Your Saddleback Leather Product

This Saddleback Leather iPad 3 case had a thread that mysteriously broke. Theoretically this stuff is supposed to be stronger than a tow strap (slight exaggeration), but this is the real world and things break in the real world. If/when some thread breaks on your Saddleback Leather goodie you have two options:

Saddleback Leather Business Card/Credit Card Wallet tobacco and dcb

Saddleback Leather Business Card/Credit Card Wallet Review ($21)

The Saddleback Leather Card Holder is an uprated version of the Saddleback Leather Sleeve Wallet that can handle twice the cards.

The Best Etsy Stores Selling Handmade Full Grain Leather Bags

Etsy has an overwhelming amount of leather goods, perhaps too much. Here is a selection of some of the better options on Etsy. One of the excellencies of Etsy that larger leather companies cannot easily emulate is the uniqueness of each product since they are handmade. You can have a bag that is like none other. Of course this can …

Saddleback Leather iPhone 5 case in Dark Coffee Brown top view with phone

New: Saddleback Leather iPhone 5 Leather Sleeve

If you buy a phone case, especially an expensive one, it can be a pain when the next phone comes out with different dimensions. I am always uncertain about buying leather cases and sleeves for gadgets that change dimensions and ports as new iterations come out, like the MacBook Air Sleeve. The latest iPhone comes out as too tall for …

Inexpensive Full Grain Leather Watch Strap on wrist

The Inexpensive Leather Watch Band ($7)

Quality leather watch bands made from Shell Cordovan or Chromexcel are spendy. This is a about the cheapest full grain watch band you can easily make or buy. 

Frank Clegg iPad case giveaway

Frank Clegg iPad Case Giveaway – Nov 23rd through Nov 26th

To enter to win a free Frank Clegg iPad Case (normally about $170) go like and share this image on the Frank Clegg fan page. The winner will be picked on the 26th.

Saddleback Leather Sleeve Wallet Review

The Saddleback Leather Sleeve Wallet is an ideal buy for someone looking for minimalist ruggedness. It’s slim and durable, not an oft’ seen combination.

front of plevier leather messenger bag

In The Wild: Leather Plevier Messenger Bag

While typing away furiously at my favorite coffee haunt I caught the lovely brown of a messenger bag slide past my peripheral. Sure enough! This bag was purchased 15 years ago in Germany and has held up well to moderate use. It spent several years tucked away in a closet where it acquired a severe drywall stain but otherwise looks none the worse. …

vintage african leather briefcase top

In The Wild: Vintage Handmade African Briefcase

This lovely old briefcase was made and purchased in Chad, Africa over thirty years ago by Kevin, a regular at my favorite office… errr… coffee shop. The leather is full grain leather but the coating is coming off and dryness is taking its toll. Several parts of the briefcase have ripped or cracked. Ten years ago the stitching was redone …

The Tanner Goods Production Facility – Fast Forwarded

I don’t know about you but I always have an interest in seeing how my goods are made. Tanner Goods did some filming and has released some quick shots of their production facility. Here are our lovely belts being made!

Saddleback Leather Utility Straps Use Book Carry

Saddleback Leather Utility Straps Review – 21 Ways To Use Them

The Saddleback Leather Utility straps (now discontinued) can be mysterious once you get your hands on them. There are these d-rings, different lengths, odd slits, and a variety of ways the straps can be connected together. Lets unravel the mystery.

Off Topic: How To Tie A Bow Tie

You have to wear a bow tie at least once in your lifetime.

In The Wild: Vintage Bosca Briefcase

I met a guy who bought this vintage Bosca beauty for $80 at a vintage store. Despite being 20+ years old the leather and stitching is in great shape. It could probably use some leather conditioner though. Keep your leather well conditioned if you want it to last a long time.

The Quality Men’s Leather Shoe Brands

Keep in mind some of these brands do have lower grades. You get what you pay for, except when you do this. Allen Edmonds Alden Whites Nick’s Leather Cole Haan Some Nordstrom Comment below to have your favorite brands included.

Top Tip: How To Buy Quality Leather Shoes At Huge Discount

Here is how you can get $300+ shoes for a fraction of the price on Ebay.

Saddleback Leather Large Classic Briefcase Review $568.00 – $704.00

For those wanting a substantially constructed and spacious briefcase, the Saddleback Leather Large Briefcase should be quite ideal. For those looking for spaciousness and lightness, certainly entertain other options. This is no lightweight bag for lightweights.

Red Dog Leather Collar Give Away Contest – Nov. 5th through Nov. 10th

Has your lovely pup been begging for a lovely leather collar for Christmas? Here is your chance to make their wildest Christmas dreams come true, for the cost of shipping.

Cork Leather Give Away Contest for Australian Residents

Note: Australian residents only. Cork Leather is offering one of these delicious bags for referring five or more your friends to their give away on Facebook. Here’s how you do it. Be sure to like us on Facebook (if you haven’t already done so) by clicking here Connect with them on Facebook by clicking the “Connect” button Invite as many …

Leather Bag Hunting in Downtown Chicago Finds Poor Quality And High Prices

A two week business trip takes us to Chicago, where in the free time we walk the downtown arena in search of choice leather in the fashion corridors. In summary, nought was found. Many leather bags were found, none were full grain leather, much less quality leather, all were far more expensive then they should be, and every single one …

How To Wear The Saddleback Leather Shoulder Strap Comfortably

Wear the first strap over your shoulder and the second strap across your chest to fully distribute the weight in a cross body carry with the bag behind you.