Will Leather Goods: A Thirty Year Overnight Success

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Far Horizon Traders Safari Bag Review – $290

The Far Horizon Traders Safari Bag is an adventure bag, no doubt about it. It’s not for professionals, it’s for badasses.

The Basader Messer Bag Is Beautiful

This bag is gorgeous. Basader is making great bags at excellent prices. Review coming soon…

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots Six Month Review – Uh Oh! Sole Separation!

My Wolverine 1000 mile boots have been lovely up to now. I have worn them quite a bit for daily use. They have been comfortable and have even gone on a few hikes. Hardly 1000 miles of walking. The leather upper is in fantastic shape. But. I glanced down and the sole is separating! I’m not quite sure how this …


A Simple Leather Belt Co. Review – Custom Belt for $59

A hefty belt is an important part of any man’s wardrobe. A good belt will endure all hardships and keep holding up your pants. Introducing, A Simple Leather Belt Co.


In Portland With The Basader Messer Bag – A Teaser

This lovely week sees me in Portland Oregon for work. I was fortunate enough to bring along the absolutely gorgeous bag from Basader ($300). While I have not concluded a review of the bag yet, here  is a short montage from this evening’s excursion. In summation, the Basader Messer Briefcase is proving – so far – to be a well-made and beautiful briefcase …

Davis Leatherworks Field Notes Cover – $17 to $25

The Davis Leatherworks Field Notes Cover by Chris Davis is a well made, simple, and least expensive option for sheathing your favorite little notebook in some nice leather. At prices between $17 to $25 this cover is a bargain when compared with covers from Field Notes and others especially because it comes with a Field Notes notebook preinstalled!


Saddleback Leather Keychain Giveaway!

There is this dark coffee brown Saddleback Leather Keychain that’s been languishing unused for some months now. Time to do something with it! UPDATE: The winner has been chosen from the comments. Congratulations Rust! To win this keychain and all the glory and fame that comes with it you must simply post below a link to your next leather purchase …

Mmmm… New Leather Products From Marlondo Leather

Ma, the owner of Marlondo Leather, has been busy the last few months redesigning their website and product line to be more durable and usable. It’s gone well as you can see. Marlondo Leather has upgraded the quality of leather they use (imported from the United States), added durable pigskin lining, and implemented some hefty brass hardware. Expect to see …

The Difference Between A Well Conditioned Belt And A Neglected Belt – Photo Comparison

Same age belts but one has been conditioned with Lexol. Both are full grain leather.

Saddleback Leather Medium Bible Cover ($35 – $43)

There is no shortage of bible covers out there in whatever material you desire, polyester, “genuine leather“, whatever. Most of it’s crap quality and the prices show it. Here is the review on the full grain Saddleback Leather Medium Bible Cover.

Upcoming Briefcase Comparison Review!

Soon we will be receiving bags from Basader and Far Horizon Traders for an in depth comparison on types of briefcases. There are a lot of great options for high quality briefcases with different materials and styles. Choose best!

Traveling With The Saddleback Leather Medium Waterbag

I really enjoyed traveling with the Saddleback Leather Medium Waterbag along with my Saddleback Leather Medium Thin Briefcase. I didn’t have any problems except for one small plane where the waterbag didn’t fit in the overhead compartment and had to be checked. I could easily carry a weeks worth of clothes. If I had to express one concern it would …


Custom Leather Work – A Few Thoughts On Getting Your Desired Product

Recently I had a custom leather strap made for my favorite Seiko 007 automatic (which is a rock solid tank, I might add). I’m not that happy with it and some of that is my fault, so here’s some thoughts on custom leather work to prevent making my same mistakes and being unhappy. I don’t plan to complain because I …

In The Wild: Jamin’s Moroccan Made iPad Satchel

Often I’ll be sitting somewhere pounding away on my laptop when I catch the flash of brown leather breezing by and subsequently get up and go chase down the confused owner. It usually goes one of two ways, they think I’m a weirdo and leave, or we talk leather for a while and I get a few photos. This cool …

Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase – Six Month Checkup

My much loved Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase – in the best color, chestnut – has now completed six months of literal daily service from visits to the local coffee shop to flights around America. Check it out!

Saddleback Leather iPad Case Review

Among my leather-loving circles there is a story of an iPad that was dropped during the ritual juggling act of unloading children from a car. The iPad (with its Saddleback Leather case) went flying  (what scientists call a “small fling”) into the gutter.

Saddleback Leather RFID Shielded Passport Wallet Tobacco with passport

Saddleback Leather RFID Shielded Passport Wallet Review ($70)

The Saddleback Leather Passport Wallet is a handyman of full grain leather wallets. This leather wallet can handle a small notebook, a cell phone, a passport, cash, cards, and receipts. It’s got storage.

Ashwood Leather Briefcase side view

In The Wild: The Ashwood

I met this interesting fellow from England (just moved) during a layover in Seattle. He had purchased this fairly heavy duty Ashwood Briefcase in England before moving to the US. Amazon only had this variation. The price isn’t bad at $180. I only had a few minutes with the bag but I did get a good feel on the leather …

Saddleback Leather Large Classic Briefcase at US Capitol

In The Wild: Saddleback Leather Large Classic DCB in Washington D.C.

I took a few photos from last last work trip during some off time I had to venture about D.C. What a neat place. Which one will last longer? The briefcase or the US? Cheers!