Thrux Lawrence Launches KeyPost Kickstarter

The keychain is a simple device. Its sole purpose in life is to hold your keys together. While each of us use some variance of a ring or clasp, they generally all have the same thing in common: they make a racket. Not this one.

Saddleback Leather Unveils New Leather For Production

Dave Munson, of Saddleback Leather, has come on record to share a change they are making to using scarred and marred leather.

Why Are Shell Cordovan Shoes So Expensive?

Dive into why this exotic leather is so incredible, and incredibly expensive with Epaulets in New York.

An Ode To Quality

Why are we so easily satisfied with effortless work? Buying products with fragile quirks Like rockets built by knee jerks Foolishly profit berserk Is cheapness cheap? Only shortly will it keep before finding the trash heap Building mountains not for mountain sheep Where is the benefit? Profit is squandered in quick pursuit of profit You don’t have to be a …

Etsy Store Feature: Heirloom Leather

Heirloom Leather is a one man Etsy store I have followed for a year now primarily because of the exquisite usage of vegetable tanned leather and tasteful industrial design stitching. His sense of leather fashion is among the best in the business, in my opinion. And as far as I can tell, quality is a primary focus. I have not had …

Aged Leather – 1938 Leather Camera Case

Leather, like wine, only gets better with time if it is high quality and treated right.

Kenton Sorenson Leather Safety Razor Sheath Review – $30

Shaving with a safety razor is a great feeling. Plopping it back into your dopp kit without a sleeve is unnerving. Who knows what those blades will find… Hopefully not something that leakes toothpaste… Or blood…

Aestus Gear Vegetable Tanned Card Wallet – $32.50

The simple wallet is so refreshing. Cards and cash. That’s all you need. If you have more, get a wallet like this and your butt won’t look like it’s been gorging on receipts.

Checkup on the Simple Leather Belt

Well, it’s been 3 months since our Simple Leather Belt was reviewed. How is it handling nearly daily use? It’s handling daily use very well, to put it simply. It’s due for a conditioning and the light tan leather has darkened slightly from use. Otherwise, it’s going very strong! I highly recommend this custom tailored belt for $59. Check them …

A Conversation With Philip from Basader

It’s been really fun to watch Basader get more traction as a relative newcomer in the hyper-competitive durable leather goods market. They are doing it with a combination of stylistic innovation, commitment to durability, and extremely competitive pricing. the Basader philosophy Basader (Derived from Bas Jan Ader, a famous artist) is heavily driven by a mission to create lasting pieces and …

The Thrux Pack – Canvas and Leather Backpack – $480

This is a remarkable backpack. I do not doubt its ability to last longer than I will. Style, durability, and break-in-pain just had a love-child. They named it the Thrux Pack.

The Basader Messer Leather Briefcase Review – $315

There are endless designs for high quality leather briefcases and a lot of great options to choose from. In my opinion, this is the best value briefcase considering all the factors. Let me explain how and why. Basader operates out of Brooklyn, NY and is run by Philip and Elin Antonelli. They first started on Etsy and have done very …

Tap & Dye Leather Camera Wrist Strap – $42

Sometimes a big strap for your camera is just too much. You want simplicity. You want to talk around with your camera in your hand and just shoot. Turns out Tap & Dye makes just the leather wrist strap for you.

Enter To Win: Korchmar Bag – Winner Pick On June 12, 2013

Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase Photo Review – $309

After a couple week wait for my Thin Briefcase from Marlondo Leather to arrive, it has come. I’ve had a day to use it. Here are the photos in its relatively new state.

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Liniment No. 1 Review – $18

Leather needs care. It’s fibers need nourishment. Out of the many options there are Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Liniment No. 1 is an excellent option.

All About Shell Cordovan – An Interview With Horween Leather Co.

Shell Cordovan can be a mystery. It is fabulously expensive, relatively rare, and looks a lot like normal full grain leather. The question on many minds is “Is it worth it?” It’s a fair question worth some research. You get what you pay for, but what are you getting with shell cordovan products that makes them worth the extra scrilla?

Hidden Mountain Curriers DSLR Leather Camera Sling Strap – $75

If you love leather and photography then the stock camera strap, Nikon or Canon, needs replacing with leather. There is something intrinsically classy about a camera hanging on some nice leather.

Examining The Saddleback Leather Screw Clasp Issues

In late 2012 there was a stir among some of the Saddleback Leather owners regarding the introduction of new shoulder strap clasps which, on a relatively small scale, would come unscrewed. This resulted in some heavy bags being unexpectedly dropped, often with very expensive laptops inside and in some reported cases causing some physical injuries when these larger loads shifted.

Marlondo Leather Classic Briefcase Video Review – $349

Marlondo Leather bags are arriving in America and receiving excellent reviews. Here is the 13″ Classic Briefcase!