We Are Updating The Leather Company Directory, Update Your Listing

Leather Company Directory Update. Here’s how to get your company listed in the new directory in 2 minutes. Hello! is going to have a new Leather Company Directory soon and we would like your company in it with updated information to help our readers choose a company to buy from. This month 2,200 people visited the directory. This update …

UrbanCow Leather Mouse Pad Review – $22

Most leather mouse pads are crap. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good options on the market. But for some reason since they are so simple it allows for a lot of shortcuts to be taken. Most of the mouse pads you see on Amazon take the shortcuts. The easiest way to see this is if they …

Opus Handmade Journal Review – $45

There is a small company on Kickstarter called Opus. They are selling, amoung some other really neat things, a leather wrapped journal. Kate Burrow from Opus sent me one to check out and share with you guys. I’ve seen these hand bound notebooks but moleskines have always been my choice notebook because of how many pages they hold. What pops …

Blackthorn Leather Bifold Wallet Review – $85

The three easiest ways to identify a quality leather product right out of the box are stiffness, squeak, and smell. This is a stiff, squeaky, and smelly wallet.

Far Horizon Traders Sahara Bag – Six Month Checkup

This is a guest post written by Peter who is a drafter at a foundry. He has been using the Sahara bag for six months. You can read the original review of the Far Horizon Traders Sahara Bag here. wear Even in the intense environment of foundry work and the dirt and grime that can be acquired there, this bag …

Conditioning / Refreshing Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots With Lexol Leather Cleaner And Obenaufs Conditioner

These boots haven’t seen conditioner for months. Shame on me. It’s about time they get some attention. I figured I would document the process photographically so you can see the transformation and effect produced by the products.

Demonstration Of The Darkening Effect That Neatsfoot Oil Has On Light Colored Leather

I treated my tan leather motorcycle jacket entirely with Neatsfoot Oil to condition and darken it. The transition was from a very light tan dry leather to a rich honey colored leather which looks very desirable. If you don’t want your leather to darken do not use Neatsfoot Oil. Here is how it turned out: Untreated and needing conditioning partially conditioned …

Beautifully Made Leather Belt Advertisement from John Neeman

John Neeman, a boutique durable goods maker in Latvia, has produced this lovely video of their process to make a leather belt. Video after the jump.

Viveo Leather Camera Strap Review – $45

DSLR leather camera straps are abundant. Here’s a pretty good option from Viveo for a shooter who doesn’t need to transition between straps often.

21.8% Off At Renaissance Leather

I just received this “Government Shutdown Sale” email from Renaissance Leather. Not a bad time to pick up a few things. They have excellent prices their laptop bags.

Best of Etsy: W Durable Goods On Product Design

A characteristic to watch for on Etsy, a region replete with copycats and low quality, is creativity and a passion for quality. I present to you W Durable Goods, a creative company passionate about quality and sustainability.

About The Old Swiss Army Leather Bags

Did you know you can buy leather bags that are up to 100+ years old? It’s true. The Swiss Army used leather bags on their army pack horses, particularly the Freiberger breed which were known for their endurance. The horses and mules lightened the load for soldiers and allowed them to cover much more ground in strong fighting condition. While …

All About the Famous Chromexcel Leather from Horween Tannery

Chromexcel is a massively popular leather right now. I asked Phil Kalas from Horween about Chromexcel and what makes it so unique and desirable on wearable products.

E3 Supply Co Camera Wrist Strap Review – $35

Wrist straps for cameras are a great way to keep your kit minimal for a stroll around the city, and this one is quite an impressive option.

Thrux Lawrence Launches KeyPost Kickstarter

The keychain is a simple device. Its sole purpose in life is to hold your keys together. While each of us use some variance of a ring or clasp, they generally all have the same thing in common: they make a racket. Not this one.

Saddleback Leather Unveils New Leather For Production

Dave Munson, of Saddleback Leather, has come on record to share a change they are making to using scarred and marred leather.

Why Are Shell Cordovan Shoes So Expensive?

Dive into why this exotic leather is so incredible, and incredibly expensive with Epaulets in New York.

An Ode To Quality

Why are we so easily satisfied with effortless work? Buying products with fragile quirks Like rockets built by knee jerks Foolishly profit berserk Is cheapness cheap? Only shortly will it keep before finding the trash heap Building mountains not for mountain sheep Where is the benefit? Profit is squandered in quick pursuit of profit You don’t have to be a …

Etsy Store Feature: Heirloom Leather

Heirloom Leather is a one man Etsy store I have followed for a year now primarily because of the exquisite usage of vegetable tanned leather and tasteful industrial design stitching. His sense of leather fashion is among the best in the business, in my opinion. And as far as I can tell, quality is a primary focus. I have not had …

Aged Leather – 1938 Leather Camera Case

Leather, like wine, only gets better with time if it is high quality and treated right.