$425 Origins Leather Company Briefcase Giveaway – Ends September 19th (Winner: Wayne B.)

Update: congratulations to Wayne B. for winning this lovely briefcase and thank you to everyone who made this giveaway a lot of fun!

How many products are you aware of that have lasted for 100 years?  Perhaps a piece of furniture your great great grandfather made?  Or maybe a gun that the same great great grandfather owned with an accompanying leather holster?  My guess is that there are not too many items in your possession that meet this description.  The Origins Leather Company has a mission to change this trend, for the benefit of your future progeny.  They offer a 100 year warranty on all of their products, including their Briefcase, which we are giving away this coming month. The contest will be open till September 19th.

Origins Giveaway11

We had the opportunity of reviewing Origin’s Briefcase a couple of weeks ago, the review of which you can read here.  This briefcase is an heirloom quality leather bag built to last generations.  Though Origins is a relatively new leather goods company, they have contracted with one of the premium leather goods makers to produce their products.  The result is a briefcase that has a premium feel, looks beautiful, and has purpose.

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Origin’s Briefcase is an excellent example of Occam’s Razor in leather form.  According to Wikipedia, Occam’s Razor is a principal of parsimony, economy, or succinctness used in problem solving.  In leather form, applying Occam’s Razor means creating an item that efficiently serves its purpose, does so handsomely, and is stripped of unnecessary fluff.

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The Origins Briefcase is made from thick, five to six ounce vegetable tanned leather, thicker than most boot leather.  It has a pocket on the inside for your laptop, a couple of pens, and a small pocket for accessories.  It has a sleeve on the outside that you can use to carry a magazine, newspaper, or other thin items.  It is as simple as that.  Oftentimes those items that are most simple are the most classic.  The Origin’s Briefcase fits that bill.

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The Origins Briefcase is a classy, well designed, durable briefcase that can be used at work, school, church, or a variety of other settings.  It is a bag that is guaranteed for 100 years and is one that could be sitting on your great great grandchild’s desk one day if you win this giveaway.

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  1. Looks like a terrific bag. I think my dad is in need of a new briefcase, and this would totally fit the bill!

  2. I love the refined feel of this briefcase and the stitching is solid and even, I see some amazing details in this leather piece, love it.

    • Thanks Joaquim. The details on this bag are amazing. It is truly expertly crafted, yet still has a degree of ruggedness to it. It’s a great bag.

  3. I want this case for my husband!!! Love the quality, design, and functionality of the bag!

  4. This is beautiful, I love the feel of leather, and the way it smells–thanks for a chance at win this <3

  5. After first I don’t feel familiar with Orgins leather, but after learning about the quality of origins leather, I would totally recommend this not just to my family, but my friends, even strangers.

  6. The quality is outstanding. Love it.

  7. They do look nice don’t they? Love to own one, but cant afford it right now.

  8. what a great looking brief case-love the 100 year guarantee


  10. i would love this to carry around my laptop instead of putting it in a plastic bag lol

  11. Would love to win this for hubby for Christmas. Thanks for the chance.

  12. Would love to win any of your great bags, but really want this one,

  13. What a sexy gorgeous bag – I’m already planning on what I’m going to carry in it!

  14. Scent, feel, functionality and style. How nice!!!

  15. awesome giveaway….that beauty would be perfect for my outstanding son, Israel, a realtor…thanks so much!

  16. I really just want this bag so much! It has so many features I fell in love with. Good luck everyone

  17. A leather briefcase is a work of art, not unlike a fine saddle

  18. beautifil workmanship. Would love it!

  19. Great bag, my son is getting ready to do the Running Start program at the Community College. This would be the perfect bag.

  20. This bag is beautiful!! I would love love love to win this one.

  21. Future business woman 😀

  22. Great style with organizational the plus here/have problems with brief with business/personal/ information in one place and ease of assessability

  23. I have a mental picture in my head putting that leather purse in my car and driving to work. Lol

  24. What’s not to love about this briefcase and you would be crazy not to want to win it so of course I’m entering. Those babies are adorable a set of twins and two very handsome boisterous boys! Congratulations!

  25. There is nothing like a leather bag. Class. Thanks for the chance.

  26. its great for my father!!!! i hope so lucky

  27. I love this bag, amazing design. I love classic ones!!

  28. i would love this to carry around my laptop instead of putting it in a plastic bag lol

  29. Would love to win any of your great bags, but really want this one,

  30. Would love to win this for hubby for Christmas. Thanks for the chance.

  31. I absolutely love this bag! I have to win this!

  32. wow it’s really nice, I would love to win that.

  33. Would loveto have this gorgeous briefcase! Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. All the bags a re nice. I would LOVE to win one

  35. I cannot begin to imagine my husband’s face when I give him this. His family was among the earliest to come to Utah, and has the same kind of history as Origins Leather!

  36. I think my daughter would love this she is going to college and can use this.

  37. This would be a great gift for the boss at work since my co-workers and I have such a difficult decision at Christmas time about what to get him since he seems to have everything !

  38. I love real leather & this bag is classic and classy! I would LOVE to WIN !!

  39. Very nice! Would love to have it!

  40. Wow…gorgeous!!! Beautiful and great quality, a forever bag……

  41. This would be a beautiful offering for my brother David, who is serving as a Mormon mission president in Brazil.

  42. I have several leather bags and brief bag. I bought them back in 1967. After all these years, they still look new. Unbelievable.

  43. I would love to give this to my son-in-law, he could really use it.

  44. This bag is BEYOND amazing, very stylish anyone would be lucky to have this!

  45. animal killers do you know what happens to cows to make this bag

  46. Looks like a wonderful briefcase. Thanks and God bless you

  47. I would love to win this to know it is going to last 100 years is fab. I collect vintage jewelry because it is so beautiful and looks so good

  48. If a blog or freebie page posts their links on their page is that valid?

      • http://freebiesfrenzy.com/sign-up/2014/09/17/marnibag/ A freebie blog using it’s link and posting on their pages on FB, TWitter, and such? Is that a valid way to get the extra 5 entries for referrals. Their facebook page has 500k followers but they aren’t saying they get an extra entry for using their link. Just wondering?

      • I suppose that is fine. You won’t get credit for 500k in referrals though.

  49. I love all of your products. Would like to win the one you are giving away.

  50. This briefcase looks so well built that it would last me for years as much travling that I do.

  51. What a beautiful bag. I would love to own this.


  53. What a sturdy case! I wondering if a person could outlive it…beautuful color.

  54. Love this briefcase, especially the color!

  55. This bag is especially nice; I would love to surprise my son and give him this beautiful briefcase as a gift. Thanks for the giveaway; it’s very generous!

  56. This is a great prize, would love to win

  57. I would love this for my hubby.he could use it in trucking.

  58. Any Woman knows i’m not lying wake up in the morning get dress and pick your purse and you see this Beautiful Purse and you know you look HOT but with CLASS

  59. My coworkers and customers would surely be jealous!! Hope I win.
    Will be sure to spread the word on where they can purchase such a high quality leather briefcase at a great price!!

  60. This bag is great, I would love to win it.

  61. Beautiful quality work, love this briefcase

  62. I would love to win this beautiful bag. 100 years really, that’s fantastic.

  63. Absolutely beautiful! Would love to own this!!!

  64. I hope and pray I win it would be a nice field service bag

  65. I would love to own a lovely, professional bag to carry when I travel. Right now, I carry a kind of beach bag or nasty something to put my things in. I would be so appreciative…and your best “brand ambassador” ever!

  66. Beautiful bag and an amazing 100 year warrenty! Can’t find that with any other company!

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