Mmmm… New Leather Products From Marlondo Leather

Ma, the owner of Marlondo Leather, has been busy the last few months redesigning their website and product line to be more durable and usable. It’s gone well as you can see. Marlondo Leather has upgraded the quality of leather they use (imported from the United States), added durable pigskin lining, and implemented some hefty brass hardware.

Expect to see more from Marlondo in the coming months as they get all the products listed on their website and develop new ones. I love that golden brown hue of leather. Sign me up!

It will be interesting to get our hands on the new product line to examine the changes in construction and material. The photos sure do look amazing.

The Marlondo Leather Messenger Briefcase – no longer offeredMarlondo Leather Briefcase Thin

The Marlondo Classic Briefcase – $398 to $428Marlondo Leather Briefcase Classic

The Marlondo Leather Classic Briefcase (single space) – $269 to $339

Marlondo Leather Briefcase Single

The Marlondo Leather Brass Buckle Belt – $44.50 to $47Marlondo Leather Briefcase Belt

Passport Wallet – $24

Marlondo Leather leather_passport_wallet_4_1024x1024

 What do you think?


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  1. How does this one compare to the briefcase from Saddleback?

    • Marlondo Leather imports their leather from America to be worked in China. They are one of the only Chinese manufacturers that focus on quality. Word on the street, from SBL owners, is that the quality rivals that of SBL. That said, I have not had hands on with these bags. Hopefully soon.

    • Kevin,

      I own both SBL and Marlondo…I don’t personally think they are on par with each other. SBL still offers superior quality, hands down. So that you have a fair comparison I own from SBL: Large water bag, Classic backpack, XL briefcase, Small tote, Big wallet, Passport wallet, Gadget sleeves, Pouch, Belts, Bracelet, and have given several wallets as gifts — all in variety of lovely colors…all unbelieveably well made. Their customer service is stellar.

      I’m not employed by SBL nor am I partial (though I’ve yet to find a true rival). Am more than happy to try any other brand as well, particularly if I can get quality leather goods for less, hence my purchasing from Ma. As we all know SBL ain’t cheap and if able to buy something of the same caliber for less, then I’m on board!

      December 2012 I purchased $1400.00 worth of leather goods from Marlondo, wondering how it compared, and hoping to give most of it for gifts at Christams and throughout this year (graduations etc). For the most part I was very disappointed.
      The level of quality on everything was sub par (strictly comparing with SBL), and I’m trying to be generous in my appraisal because I believe Ma to be a nice and honest man. That said you can’t truly compare these companies products, its apples to oranges.

      I ordered from Ma: 2 Briefcases, Duffel Bag, iPad case, 4 wallets, Purse/Bag.
      The only product that even came close was the small chestnut briefcase. I do like that bag and have been generally pleased with using it.
      Everything else came with faux suede lining – it’s a terrible choice of product to line the inside of a bag with. It looks cheap, is cheap and sheds a bit as the goods in your bag rub against it (I found this very irritating as bits of scrap would get into the ports of my devices.
      The leather was also lacking; again no comparison.

      Now I understand Ma is trying to upgrade what he offers. No doubt he’ll do a good job…but I’d caution you in comparing it with SBL. Ma has a ways to go before I’d consider him at the likes of SBL quality.

      If you’d like to see pics//cimparisons I’d be more than happy to email you.

      I’m not telling you not to buy from Ma…just don’t expect it to be SBL quality.
      Also should know when buying from Ma, while his product is cheaper, you do have to pay a decent price to get is shipped and then pay extar upon retrieval at the post office for customs. I had to fork over $80.00 just for customs!!

      • Hey Amanda, I for one would be very happy to see pictures comparisons! Thank you so much for this in-depth analysis. I know Ma has upgraded his line of product so I’m interested to see how it compares to the old line.

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