LederMann Rugged Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag Backpack Review – $455

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We’re changing things up a little bit here. That doesn’t sound quite right. We’re working to add a new component to our BestLeather readers with the addition of some occasional short video reviews of the products that we review. Our first foray into this is a feature style on LederMann’s newest bag – their Rugged Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag Backpack. And, apologies in advance for some of the wind noise in the video.

As you can assume from the name of the bag, it’s multipurpose in its design. It can easily serve as a formal, large briefcase. It functions very well as a messenger bag for casual, less formal business or scholarly pursuits. It can easily work as a classy overnight bag. And, you can load it up, reconfigure the shoulder strap and carry it backpack style. This is a new style of leather that LederMann is offering too. This “Rugged Leather” style has a unique texture to it and looks to offer great longevity and should develop an excellent patina with time and use. The Rugged Leather has a bit of a rough out feel to it…but certainly not that rough. It’s just similar.


We highlight most of these items in the video, but here’s a quick rundown of the LederMann bag’s features:

  • Thick Full Grain Leather, 4 – 5 oz. (2 – 2.2 mm)
  • Suede Lining
  • Heavy-duty, Industrial Nylon Thread
  • Machine Pressed Heavy Duty Rivets at all stress points.
  • Size: 16″W X 12″H X 6″D inch.
  • Front Pocket/Compartment Size: 13″W x 9″H x 1.5″D inch for the open
    pocket compartment
  • Easily converts to a Backpack.
  • When you order from LederMann, you enjoy free shipping to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia,
    Italy, France, Germany and many other countries.


LederMann is also going to be sponsoring a giveaway for a slightly different bag featuring this same new rugged leather. So, be on the lookout for that very soon. And, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter too as we’ll be sending out a special promotion from LederMann offering some fantastic savings just for BestLeather readers! In the meantime, please check out the LederMann website and look at all of the great, well made leather products they create and sell there.




  1. Thanks for the great video! For almost three years I have one of their LederMann’s rugged leather briefcases and it continues to amaze me. The quality is amazing and the leather tends to get better with age. The leather is acquiring a patina in places I constantly exert pressure on and enhances its character and appearance. Any person who has never had a leather product, may not really see how much better this bag looks with time. I have always received good comments about it and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

  2. Heather Curtis on

    This is such a gorgeous bag. As much as I’d like to give this to my husband for his birthday next month, I’d have a hard time not using it, myself. I feel like I could fit the entire contents of my office into this bag. So much room! Thanks for the review.

  3. Charlie O'Dowd on

    I am planning on taking a vacation to New Zealand next February. I would like to have this durable and functional messenger bag with me, as I am a retired Postmaster. As you know, our motto is ‘We Deliver’. Whenever I add a piece of equipment or luggage, it must be functional, durable, and classic-looking.

  4. Adam FURR DOGG Swanson on

    Love the rugged leather! It’s nice enough looking that you don’t look like a bum, but not to nice where you’d be worried to scuff it up a bit. So nice!

  5. The bag is hot. I would love to have it and carry it. I think that it would look good on my body and I just really want it.

  6. I have one of these. They’re bulletproof and worth every penny. They’re also the subject of many compliments indeed.

  7. Awesome review! Love that my hubby & I could both use this (well, love it, me mostly… lol) It’s great when a bag gets even better w/ wear & age!!

  8. Thank you for the review. The Ledermann Leather Briefcase (Messenger Bag) looks like a top quality product. I like that it can be used for both formal or casual. It

  9. cathleen clark on

    That is an amazing bag with so many possibilities! You could take it casual, or formal….traveling or local….any age group, anywhere. What a great bag!

  10. This bag is such a perfect fit for my son when he goes to work! It is so durable (he’s hard on things),and he has outgrown the college backpack.

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