Ended – A Simple Leather Belt Giveaway – Two $60 Belts – Ends June 15th, 12PM PST

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A Simple Leather Belt Co., which shall henceforth be known as ASLB, has undertaken the noble task of supplying America with tough belts custom sized to our various burgeoning waistlines. To say that these belts will do a good job holding up your britches is an understatement. I think I could tow my car with one of these (not a wise thing to do!). Now you can get one for free with this giveaway.

Pssst…. I know you are wondering where to enter the giveaway… Keep scrolling…

Read the Classic Belt review here.

Read the Cinch Belt review here.

a simple leather belt giveaway3

The vegetable tanned leather is dense, flexible, and thick. These are hefty belts for people who enjoy tough things. You want dainty? Go to Amazon. You want a beefy belt, look no further.

a simple leather belt giveaway1

Downsides to this belt? I don’t see many. If I’m really annoyingly picky I might say that… Nah, I can’t think of anything. I would buy stock in ASLB if I could. ASLB’s only challenge now is to show the world how awesome their belts are and that is why they are giving belts away here. Good companies require lots of good customers. I guess it should go without saying that Father’s Day is the 15th, Sunday, so there’s that.

a simple leather belt giveaway2

The rules: No cheating, no stupidity, you can win a belt of your choice, ASLB is giving away two belts, contest will run till June 15th, 12PM. Open to all inhabitants of Earth. If you win ASLB will email you a code for you to select out your ideal belt configuration.

Simple Leather Belt Cinch Belt Review4

How to enter

Your instructions are as follows. Accomplishing these tasks will promote a quality company selling quality made in America goods.

1. Enter the giveaway by sharing, liking, commenting, etc. Work up a sweat.

2. Rest easy. We know you worked hard. Drink a lemonade, go play with you kids, smile at your spouse.

Annnd go!

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  1. Nathan Edwards on

    I go through 1 belt every 6-12 months. I buy the thickest belts I can find in store, but they don’t last long. I would love to put this custom $60 belt to the test.

    • If you don’t win, I hope you buy one anyways. Ive got two of them and they are easily the best belts I’ve ever had.

  2. I go through 1 or 2 belts per year, but am typically unhappy with all of them! 🙁 Time for something better.

  3. Linda Pannell on

    I go through 1 or 2 belts a year. This Best Leather belt would be great to have! Thanks for the chance!! 🙂

  4. I go through one belt every few years, which is not too bad. I am very meticulous and obsessive with them though, careful not to bend them too much around the buckle. I’d love a really nice belt! Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  5. I go through a belt every two to four years. I’ve avoided expensive belts, as I’ve been losing weight, but am now ready to purchase quality. I’ve been considering belts twice the price, so all told, 60 seems good to me for a quality purchase.

  6. I usually can last 1 or 2 years on a cheap leather belt. I could use a belt that’s built to only get better with age.

  7. Bobbie Smith on

    My husband just started wearing belts due to weight loss, so far he has went through 3 belts in 2014

  8. if they are cheap, a bunch, because they rip around the holes, or nicer quality belts at least last a few years

  9. Kathleen McClurg Scudder Nail on

    It would be nice to own a really good quality belt that withstands the test of time.

  10. Jack Wingard on

    After experiencing the joy of Saddleback leather, I’m done with poor quality leather on anything, from bags to shoes to belts. Full grain or bust!

  11. I have had the same belt for years,,cant even remember the last one I bought,,but my hubby do go through quite a few.

  12. I’m in need of a new belt because I’ve lost enough weight, and I would be willing to try an alternative to my current Bullhide belt.

    • Hello, we apologize. The contest was originally setup for the 17th and then we decided to change it. We forgot to change the title. So sorry.

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