How To Fix Broken Or Frayed Thread On Your Saddleback Leather Product

This Saddleback Leather iPad 3 case had a thread that mysteriously broke. Theoretically this stuff is supposed to be stronger than a tow strap (slight exaggeration), but this is the real world and things break in the real world.

Saddleback Leather iPad 3 Case frayed thread

If/when some thread breaks on your Saddleback Leather goodie you have two options:

1. You can send the product back to Saddleback Leather for it to be replaced or repaired.

We, at Saddleback Leather Company, pride ourselves not only on our over engineered designs, but also on the fact that we use the greatest thread, rivets and leathers we can find. All of our products are fully warranted against all defects in materials and workmanship for 100 years. If you or one of your descendants (or any Saddleback Leather Company product owner) should have a problem, send it back to me or one of my descendants and we’ll repair or replace it for free or we’ll give you a credit on the website (be sure to mention the warranty in your will).  Saddleback Leather products are made to last a lifetime, but the warranty does not cover misuse or abuse.

2. Or you can simply burn the ends of the frayed polyester thread as demonstrated in the video below and be done with it.


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  1. Was there a reason why you chose to repair this over sending it back?

    • Yes, three reasons.

      1. It is a relatively insignificant flaw. The stitch line is double stitched and only one of the threads broke.

      2. The time required to coordinate a return and the loss of use is not worth getting one stitch fixed (for a busy person).

      It’s a trivial detail and wear and tear is part of the game when you daily use a product.

  2. When stitching leather sometimes we end up with frayed edges. There is a product that has a name similar to morrocan plastic that can be applied to it to seal the frays.
    What product can be used for this and do you have the product that can be used?

    • Hello Gilbert! Thank you for asking. I am not familiar with a sealer for frayed stitches but I would be fascinated to learn about one.

      I referred your question to Chris, at We’ll see what he says.

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