Range Leather Debuts Travellr Bag and Razor Case

Range Leather, based in Spokane, WA, has announced its third Kickstarter campaign. This time around they are offering a dopp kit, a standard razor cover, and a safety razor cover. The standard razor cover fits nearly all brands of men’s and women’s standard disposable razors. The dopp kit, dubbed the Travellr, is 9.5″ x 6″ x 2.5″, making it a useful size for a travel dopp kit or makeup bag. The dopp kit and razor cases …

A Range of Possibilities – Part 3: An Audio Interview with Leather Virtuoso Kyle Koster

As with everything in life, all good things must come to an end. Hopefully you’ve been following us through the first two parts of our interview with Kyle Koster of Range Leather.  If you haven’t yet, you can take a look at Part 1 and Part 2, and follow-up with this third and final segment.  While you’ll probably be just fine to read these interviews out-of-order, we wouldn’t want you to miss any references made …

HoldFast Gear Money Maker Luxury Leather Multi Camera Strap Review – $215.00/$400.00

I moonlight as a photographer and have shot everything from portraits and weddings to sporting events.  I prefer full-frame DSLR cameras and the accompanying glass that goes with them for all my shoots.  However, carrying that much equipment can make you feel like you’re carrying Sisyphus’ rock at the end of a long photography session.

When I was offered the chance to review Hold Fast Gear’s Money Maker Luxury Leather Multi-Camera Strap, I took it …

Total Watch Repair Black Genuine Alligator Watch Strap Review – $134.95

When you get a nice watch, one of the most important things to do is finding yourself a good watchmaker. You can easily take it back to the brand for a repair (if they offer it), but it will typically cost you a fair amount to get any type of service done. Because of this, independent watchmakers abound. There are many good ones, but there are …

Total Watch Repair Honey Genuine Alligator Leather Watch Strap Review $249.95

Purchasing a new watch band is a great way to add some renewed interest in an old timepiece. A lot like going into your closet to find an outfit for a special occasion, simply changing bands can add a whole new character to your wrist watch. We’ve reviewed a number of watch bands so we were particularly excited to test out a Banda Honey Genuine Alligator Leather Watch Strap offered by Total Watch …

Cordoba Leather Ladies Hudson Sandal & Mens Holiday Sandal Review – $177 & $179

If I were to count up all the pairs of flip-flops and sandals I’ve worn through over the years, I wouldn’t be surprised if it numbered over fifty. I swear I go through at least two pairs of cheap flip flops each summer. So when I got the chance to review a pair of Cordoba Leather’s handmade leather sandals, I was interested to see if they would stand the test. I received a pair of …

North Star Leather Horween iPhone 6 Card Sleeve Review – $40

A couple months back I broke my brand new iPhone 6. It was my last day at a job and I was helping a customer out by looking something up for them. In their excited gratitude, they accidently smacked my phone out of my hand and shattered the screen. Since then, I have always kept a leather sleeve or plastic case on my phone. The North Star Horween iPhone 6 Card Sleeve has proven …

Leather Head Sports Burgundy Chromexcel 12lb Medicine Ball – $350

We see a lot of great products here at BestLeather. We’re always on the hunt for quality leather goods to showcase, and every once in a awhile we get the opportunity to review something that really stands out. The Leather Head Sports Burgundy Chromexcel 12lb Medicine Ball is one of those products. Read on and find out why.


Leather Head Sports was …

Matoirs Vintage Style Tooled Women’s Bag Review – $197

Here’s a review of a beautiful piece that caught my eye from a designer and leatherworker on etsy from Australia. Melanie Hudson of Matoirs Leather Products has been selling handmade and hand tooled leather bags for about 2 years now but working with leather since she was very young, assisting her father binding leather books. Her etsy shop features vintage style handbags that are hand tooled or hand painted with detail and rich beautiful colors.

Somebody Buy This Bag And Save The World

Craigslist ads can be entertaining and this one is excellent.

I have a beautiful Saddleback Leather, Large Classic Briefcase in Chestnut that I am selling. I would be crying over this ad and having to sell this bag except for the fact that I am selling it to buy a different color in the same bag. So no worries for me! This bag is about 12 months old and shows little to no wear. It has …

Libero Ferrero Money Bag – $264 – Made with Horween’s Essex Leather

Many of us have a cherished item that was handed down from a grandparent that we love to use, or wear, or display.  I have a really cool leather jacket that belonged to my grandpa, and though it is a bit small for my frame nowadays, I’m holding onto it for my son when he’s older.  Sometimes these heirloom items provide inspiration for different aspects of our lives.
One such item was …

Colsen Keane Tech Case

Colsen Keane No 213 Tech Case – $145.00

There are four leather smiths at Colsen Keane Custom Leather Goods. They make leather products to order. They take pride in paying attention to detail and taking the time to get it right. On their website, they have written, “Time leaves its mark on us… We believe that your personal time-mark is art.”

When I first saw the No 213 Tech Case by Colsen Keane, I thought it looked pretty handy. …

Avund Goods Men’s Marine Shackle Review – $25

Avund Goods is a purveyor of high quality leather goods with a tradition in British and Scandinavian design and art.  The quality of their goods is a manifestation of this background and tradition.  Avund goes through a rigorous process of testing and reviewing their products before they go into production.  This process ensures a product that is not only useful, but beautiful.

I received the …

We Are Updating The Leather Company Directory, Update Your Listing

Leather Company Directory Update.
Here’s how to get your company listed in the new directory in 2 minutes.
Hello! BestLeather.org is going to have a new Leather Company Directory soon and we would like your company in it with updated information to help our readers choose a company to buy from. This month 2,200 people visited the directory.

This update will enhance abilities for customers to sort and search for …

An Ode To Quality

Why are we so easily satisfied with effortless work?
Buying products with fragile quirks Like rockets built by knee jerks
Foolishly profit berserk
Is cheapness cheap?
Only shortly will it keep before finding the trash heap
Building mountains not for mountain sheep
Where is the benefit?
Profit is squandered in quick pursuit of profit
You don’t …

Etsy Store Feature: Heirloom Leather

Paul & his lovely wife.

Heirloom Leather is a one man Etsy store I have followed for a year now primarily because of the exquisite usage of vegetable tanned leather and tasteful industrial design stitching. His sense of leather fashion is among the best in the business, in my opinion. And as far as I can tell, quality is a primary focus. I have not had the pleasure …